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November 9, 2009


I just want that word to sit on the page a minute.

Four months ago, that was not a word.  It had no meaning.  It was just another Twitter hashtag created to identify the dream of bringing HR people together.  As time passed, that word began to gain meaning.  It named the un-conference that began to develop from the wants and needs of numerous HR pros.  We batted back and forth as to whether it was a HRevolution or a HRevolution.  I wasn’t sure.  I knew that ideally I wanted to hear what my peers thought about the current state of human resources and how it was evolving.  I also liked the idea of not being satisfied to sit by and not be involved in helping further my profession, so revolution seemed appropriate.

Today, one day after HRevolution wrapped in Louisville, KY, I look at that word on my page and it truly brings tears to my eyes.  Today, that specific word “HRevolution” now has meaning. It defines not only the event, the brilliant thoughts that were expressed, the undying support of interactive sponsors, and the fun we all had at tweetups and dinners.  It defines people.  People like me.  People who are unsure what it all means or what it is supposed to mean.  People who came together not to complain about the profession, but to discuss their ideas in an open forum to help enhance what is the best part of HR and talk about what needs to change in order to retain and attract professionals to human resources.  So, what is HRevolution?

HRevolution is me!

Picture a large maze and each of the 50 people who came to the event are at different points in the maze.  Some are standing at the entrance.  They may be new to the HR profession or someone who has changed careers.  Some have taken the wrong path and are standing in the maze facing a brick wall.  Some are gingerly stepping forward down the path, afraid to speak up, but they must if they ever hope to contribute their ideas.  Some are walking briskly and others are at an all out sprint.  The point is that we are all working toward that same destination at the end of the maze. We all want to say that we were able to have a successful career in Human Resources and that we helped keep the industry moving and growing.

None of us made it through the maze in the one day at HRevolution.  We may not make it through the maze in our lifetime.  But it isn’t about reaching the end and having HR defined in some new way.  It’s about how we navigate and who we bond with as we go through this maze. It’s learning that if you’re that person staring at the brick wall, it’s ok to turn around and back track OR break through that wall.  It’s knowing that as long as you are moving forward, HR evolves.  It’s about using what we learned to go out now and collaborate and share ideas.  As participants, we must resolve to use the momentum to do something tangible.

You’ll see many posts over the next few weeks from many smart HR pros summarizing the event, and hopefully, picking it apart.  As people left HRevolution I asked them what they loved, what they want changed, and if it met their expectations.  I received some great and interesting feedback which I will discuss over the next several days.  What about me you wonder?  Did HRevolution meet my expectations…………….

Let’s just say I’m evolved, resolved, and revolutionized. How about you?  Comment below, add me to your reader, or subscribe to my feed.  Point is, let’s get connected, stay connected and keep the conversation going.

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  • What a great statement . . “As long as you are moving forward, HR evolves” It captures that it is up to each individual to take a step, to make a difference. Great post, super conference and a conversation that will not conclude anytime soon.

  • Great post, inspiring to be with life learners that want more and more from life and work-!!

  • Trish, without you there is no HRevolution and for that you should be extremely proud. It was a great experience, and for me, I would be honored to participate in the driving forward of the ideas and energy from the event, as well as helping for the next installment of the Revolution. Bravo to you for a job well done.

  • I’m based on the other side of the world, but am still bummed I missed out. It sounds like HRevolution was a fantatic two days and that you got a lot out of it. It’s always so valuable opening up dialogue with people in the profession who share the same passion as you and who want to push things forward.

    I’ll be looking out for your follow up posts on this.

    • @Amanda- So excited you were there! I know there were a few bumps since it was a new “un-conference”, but I hope you’ll be there next time. I’d love to have you as a session leader.

      @Bonita- You are just the nicest, cutest HR Superstar I’ve met. You’ve got to come back next time so we can keep this thing moving. Thanks for coming.

      @Lisa- You are an amazing woman. I am not surprised at all that I was totally blown away by you. SO glad you came and contributed your ideas. We couldn’t have done it without you.

      @Debbie- First, I am thrilled you came to HRevolution. Not only because I think you add to the conversation, but because I know you are one of the few people who will tell me like it is. Anxious to debrief with you soon so I can find out what you really loved and where we can improve.

      @Steve- Thank you. That is certainly a wonderful compliment and I am proud. Of all of our team. You, Ben, Crystal, and I are like the arms and legs on one body. Amazing how well we all worked together and had never met in person. I’ll be honored to have you help with the next HRevolution.

      @Sarah- How wonderful to have you following us from half way around the world! Please stay in touch because I’d like to hear your impression after the Carnival of HR: HRevolution Edition on 11/18. thank you

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