Interested In Social Media? Come to the Social Media Meet-Up


April 1, 2010

Are you using social media and making connections with experts in your industry?

Are you unsure how to get started with social media but you know that you’re missing out on something big in the business world?

Do you want to learn how to articulate the rewards and risks of  social media from a business standpoint?

Whether you are new to the social media scene or someone who has been involved for years, now is the time to consider coming together face-to-face to talk about the implications.  The Conference Board is holding the Social Media Meet-up on April 13- 14 in New York City at the Intercontinental Hotel.

I am excited to be attending this event and will be blogging and tweeting about  sessions that cover how to build social relationships, how to predict and measure the ROI, and how to maintain your brand once you’re established.

I’m most excited about two sessions:

  1. Legal & Social Media Initiatives: Erasing the Line in the Sand
    Drew Bartkiewicz, Vice President of Cyber and New Media Risk,
    The Hartford
  2. The Five Secrets of Social Analytics and Measurement
    Robin Carey, CEO, Social Media Today
    Steve Kerho, Senior Vice President of Analytics, Media and Marketing Optimization, Organic
    Andrew Meurer, Vice President and General Manager, Kimberly Clark
    Christopher Frank, Vice President of Global Marketplace Insights,American Express

So, are you with me?  Click HERE to register today and be sure to use the special HR Ringleader $500 discount code ‘CC1’.

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