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April 15, 2010

Ok, one of the great things about having my own blog is I can write what I want, when I want.  I am actually nearly finished with a post for tomorrow and just noticed I have a comment on my ‘I Want To Be An American Idiot‘ post that is awaiting moderation. That always piques my interest because the only time my comments are moderated is when the reader has never commented here before.  Brand new, fresh meat.  Makes me curious.

I clicked over to find that Patty Slocomb wrote her first blog comment!  I am SO proud of her.  Patty (a regional HR Director for Fleishman Hillard) is a former colleague of mine and she’s one of the people I put on a plan to begin using social media.  I outlined that plan in my ‘Social Media 101‘ post last February.  Anyway, I know Patty has been reading blogs for several months and I told her to comment on one when she felt comfortable.  I had no idea mine would be the first.  I’m honored!

So, I hope I haven’t embarrassed Patty too much.   In all seriousness, this is what it’s all about.  Share how to use social media with one person.  Then, they will show someone. And on and on.

So, who do you know that is new to social media that needs a shout?  Share it in the comments.  Or, congratulate Patty.  She is on Twitter at @PattySlocomb.  Maybe we can get her to tweet once in awhile with the online HR, recruiting, and business community.

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  • Patty – Congratulations !! We need more HR folks like you to get into the world of Social Media. It will keep you relevant and engaged. I’m glad you took the step and hooking up with Trish will only lead to good things for you !!

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