Tactical VS. Strategic Leaders


June 30, 2010

Here’s a thought for the day:

Get Out of the Weeds

When a senior leader gets involved at a tactical level, it better be intentional. It sends a message.  If you’re managing in the weeds,  you can’t see the big picture.

Do you, or does your leader, manage from the tactical level?  Would they accomplish more and achieve greater success from operating at the strategic level?  Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Trish – great question as always

    In the tough, complicated times we all operate in today, I think leaders have to navigate from setting vision and direction (and culture – the fish stinks from the head down) and dealing with details – as you say, tactical level decisions. I find that the details often reveal root causes or assumptions that affect the final outcome and that there is real value from successful navigation of strategy and execution.
    I work in a medium size company, and regardless of title or level we are all expected to manage at multiple levels.
    This was different when I worked at a very large global company – personally find the style of work I lead today much more fulfilling. Thanks for the post.

    • @Mike- thank you for commenting. You always give such great examples from your personal experience and I appreciate it! I’m sure that company size can certainly affect the leadership style because the smaller the size the more hats we must wear as managers. Excellent point.

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Get Out of the Weeds
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