HRevolution: My 90 Day Follow Up


August 23, 2010

Since co-founding HRevolution last summer with Ben Eubanks, many things have developed.  And, after HRevolution 1 in November 2009 and HRevolution 2 in May 2010, my focus has been to hold myself accountable to doing my part to further the human resources profession.  This is no easy feat because it’s a bit like trying to boil the ocean.  I have these grand visions of the HR professional of the future and what that will look like.  And, what I learned at both HRevolutions was that it takes small, consistent steps to get there.  Earlier today, I read a great post by my friend John Nykolaiszyn(@CigarSPHR) about what he has been doing to promote advances in the profession since HRevolution 2.  That post inspired me to take a look in the rear view mirror to see if I am staying on track with changing HR as a practitioner from the inside out and giving back to the HR community.

  • Following HRevolution 1, I took a new job at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  This alone has been a great source of joy for me because both the HR team and the hospital are interested in the evolving role of HR.  There is not a day that goes by that our HR team does not focus on how HR can be more strategic in day-to-day operations and interactions.  We also focus on technology and how social media tools can enhance the HR experience.  I’ve been sharing many tips, tricks, and tools with the team and it’s been well received.
  • Collaborated on two e-books:
    • Do Amazing Things with Chris Ferdinandi, which gives short, actionable ideas on how you can become a better HR professional
    • HR 101 with Victorio Milian (aka Creative Chaos Consultant) which is a great tool for any HR professional.  It outlines key learning principles in areas such as Finance, Statistics, Internal Communications, and more.
  • Writing on my blog 5 days/ week and using it to promote other professionals who are furthering HR.
  • Attended six conferences since HRevolution 1 so that I can evangelize about HR, blogging, social media, and the future of HR.  Will attend and/or speak at another five this year.  The real difference is that I am branching out to non-HR conferences as well in order to learn more and network with professionals in other industries so that I can bring that learning back to HR.
  • Started the Women of HR site with Lisa Rosendahl and Shauna Moerke.  This site has been a great source of collaboration for me.  We are thrilled to see so many men and women coming together to share stories and information. We’re now on Twitter, LinkedIn groups, and FaceBook too.
  • Re-joined SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) in an effort to become more involved in the association that has the most HR professionals as members.  In addition, I am actively working with the IL SHRM Board of Directors to impact HR in my home state of Illinois.  More to come on this endeavor as I hope to take this to a new level in late 2010/ early 2011.
  • Was a guest on the HR Happy Hour Radio show HRevolution 2010 episode, Women of HR episode, and Live from Gettysburg episode.  I was also a guest on the DriveThur HR Radio Show HRevolution episode.  The intent is to bring people who are not involved in social media into the fold by demonstrating the multiple ways you can use social media to collaborate.
  • Participated in a USA Today interview with Anita Bruzzese about social media.
  • Joined the St. Louis Social Media Club and have attended several networking events.  This allows me to meet professionals from other industries with whom I can teach and learn from regarding social media.
  • Currently consulting several individuals on how to use social media in their businesses.

With each new project I take on, it is with the mindset that it needs to somehow impact people in Human Resources as we evolve HR.  It was encouraging to read what John has accomplished.  How about you?  Have you been reaching out to others who may not use social media?  Have you been successful in taking steps that will further our profession?  Tell me about it in the comments.


  • I always try to find people who use social media. I try to teach Twitter and of course I encourage people to read my blog, as well as others. But sometimes finding HR people who use social medial is often like catching flies. You are occasionally successful, but often miss.

    I have a question for you. You are engaging in all those activities but how are you measuring the impact of your presence at them? You getting more traffic on your blog, you getting more people reading the books, you getting more people to come hear you speak? How do you know you are making a change? Just curious..

  • I do not know where you find the time, and your diet must be caffine rich, girl! Keep doing what you are doing – you are making a difference and moving the ball forward.

    Just the last week I had conversations with two folks I know, who are follow your site and looking to you as a leader. You are impacting so many folks many of them you have never met.

    When is the next update 180 days?

  • Hell, I got my inspiration from you all. I’m just slogging away here in Miami.

    Great post! You’re an inspiration to the lot of us.

  • HRevolution was such a great event where I met so many smart and fun people. Not only did I learn a lot from these people, but was able to stay connected via social media. I love the amount of interest and follow up to what attendees have done with the knowledge they gained from HRevolution – and how each of us are building on it. Trish, you are such an inspiration to me – thank you.

  • Trish, you have accomplished more in that short period of time than most pros do in a year. I am glad I have been a witness to much of that and you are a true inspiration to us to try and keep up.

  • Wow, Trish. You are having a tremendous impact. I especially appreciate the encouragement you have provided me since ILSHRM10.
    I’m struggling along here…trying to “find my voice” and contribute.
    One suggestion you gave me at ILSHRM for our local SHRM group is being implemented now. By our next monthly meeting in September, we will have a page on our website that provides a summary of up to 5 blog articles per week on subjects that would be helpful to our members. There will also be a blogroll and archived articles. We will feature this new page at our next meeting. I think this will be a fantastic addition to the resources we provide our local members. No doubt you will be featured regularly on that site!
    Thanks for “evangelizing” at ILSHRM10. I’m a believer and evangelizing locally!


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