You Need A HR Superhero!


October 6, 2010

Picture it…. it’s benefit enrollment time and there are multiple options to choose from.  You know you have health issues in your family and you want to spend as little out of your own pocket as possible.  You also have a bad relationship with your overbearing boss.  But wait!  In addition, you’re trying to finish college, as an adult, and you know that registration is opening soon for next semester.  Oh, and then someone told you to look online and now you just KNOW that you’re being underpaid.  What do you do?  Who do you call?

You need a HR Superhero!

Well, this year the place to find some will be at the HR Southwest conference.  The theme is Super Heroes of HR and they are bringing in industry leaders (and little old me) to talk about Talent Management, issues in Healthcare, Workforce Planning, the effects of and opportunities in new media, and more!  Throw in over 200 companies exhibiting and several networking events and you have a truly “super” conference.  And, who doesn’t love Ft. Worth, TX?  I know it’s already cold here in St. Louis, so I’m definitely looking forward to a little heat.  And, if you’re one of those “certified” types, you can earn recertification credits toward your PHR®, SPHR® and GPHR® .

The conference is October 10- 13 in Ft. Worth, TX.  Be sure to check out the website, join the LinkedIn group to follow all the discussions, like the FaceBook page, and follow the tweet stream live on Twitter.  There will even be a tweetup hosted by our friends at Aquire, Inc.  And, if you need another reason to persuade you to come, I’d love you to come to the session I’ll be co-presenting with Jason Seiden, Amplifying the Voice of HR Through Social Media.

Hope to see you there!


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