HRevolution 2011: Mark Your Calendar


October 18, 2010

I believe in people should pursue learning around what they are passionate about.

I believe that although we all need a JOB to pay bills, it’s how we increase our knowledge that determines how happy and engaged we are in that job.

I believe that it is OUR OWN responsibility, not the organization, to inspire ourselves.

With that in mind, I helped co-create the HRevolution conference.  What started out as an “un-conference” has taken on a life of it’s own.  After two increasingly successful events, one in November 2009 and one in May 2010, HRevolution is now a new type of conference.  The HRevolution conference exists to catalyze HR’s continuous development, by providing an open forum for discussion, collaboration, and relationship building within the global HR industry. At HRevolution, we believe individuals and organizations embrace the future when given the opportunity to discuss and test their ideas in a safe environment.

HRevolution 2011 will be held in Atlanta, GA on April 29th- 30th.

Your planning committee (including Ben Eubanks, Steve Boese, and Crystal Peterson) are working hard to organize the next event.  You can expect a more focused set of sessions led by HR practitioners, executives, business owners, and industry leaders.  The best thing about HRevolution is that it is created by volunteers with and for YOU!  It is the generosity of our sponsors that provides a low-cost way for professionals to get together to network and have these discussions.  If you want to help, here’s what you can do:

  • Join and participate in the HRevolution LinkedIn group
  • Contact me if you would like information on sponsoring the event
  • Give your ideas on the HRevolution FaceBook page
  • Tweet about the event
  • Contact anyone on the planning committee if you’d like to help in another way

Stay tuned for more information coming in November including a newly designed website and some learning tools.  Tickets will go on sale in early November and will be limited.


  • Trish – thanks for all that you do. I admire your commitment and energy. You remind me of something my Jr. from SIU-C told me; “You can sleep when you die!” I guess that line is for you two Last week, hearing you on HRHappy hour at your son’s football game (and coach Dad) along with EWMonster shows the balance you manage to keep in your life.

    Thanks to you, Ben, Crystal and Steve for all that guys have done with HREvolution. Since attending the event in May, I have met and befriended a number of fascinating people and had an opportunity to spend time with them at several events.

    HREvolution helped bring that all together for me. I can’t wait to attend next April in Atlanta!

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