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December 8, 2010

About a year ago, my friend Victorio Milian (aka Creative Chaos Consultant) put up a challenge on his blog to Put Up or Shut Up! At the time, it sounded like a great idea.  I quickly commented and came up with four things I would personally do to put up or shut up and try to become a HR rock star in 2010.  Well, being the influencer he is and using his great follow up skills, Victorio held me accountable in February 2010 with a progress report. I was not only on track, I was an over-achiever and added something to my list.

Now here we are….one year later.  And like a knock on the door in the middle of the night, here comes Victorio asking me for the update.  Since I’m a practicing HR pro and I do like to preach the benefits of self-evaluation, I figure I owe it to me, to Victorio, and and to you to share my progress, any failure, and where I am headed for 2011.

  • Dedicate time each week to learning about HR technology- I have to say, I rocked on this one.  I read books, magazine articles, posts on blogs, talked to experts (thanks Bill Kutik), and hounded my tech friends (Steve Boese, Mike Krupa, Bryon Abramowitz, and Naomi Bloom).  I took it upon myself to use every opportunity to learn about HR software offerings, new tech tools and the like.  Then, I shared that knowledge at work with my HR team and anyone else who would listen.  I even created collaborative Google sites for several groups.  The biggest change was getting involved with the HR Technology Conference and speaking as a panelist during a session.
  • Pull off HRevolution 2In May 2010, HRevolution 2 came off without a hitch.  We grew from 50 participants in 2009 to 140 (with 30 on a waitlist) in 2010.  We secured amazing speakers and sponsors, shared tons of new ideas, and sparked several new ventures.  Thanks to the HRevolution planning committee for making the event a huge success!
  • Work as a SHRM member to make the HR community better- SHRM is a big “put up or shut up” area for me.  For years, I’ve found no value in my local SHRM chapters, so about a month ago, I began work on creating a Greater IL SHRM chapter with Chris Frede.  We’re in the formation stage now but hope to begin holding meetings in February of 2011.  Going from a complainer to a SHRM chapter President in one year….priceless!  Cross your fingers for me that our group is accepted as an affiliate chapter.
  • Talk to at least 3 HR people from my network each week- This had to be the easiest goal to meet.  Some weeks I talk with three people from my network, other weeks I talk to as many as nine or ten.  The point here is that I find real value from the online HR community and I have solidified many of the relationships I found in 2009.  This is the most valuable of all my goals for this year.
  • Start the Women of HR site and build community with HR pros in the trenches- And, for my bonus goal, I worked with Lisa Rosendahl and Shauna Moerke to launch our Women of HR site in June of 2010.  We’ve participated on two episodes of the HR Happy Hour and published 83 (yes EIGHTY THREE) posts to date.  We’re also proud to have 43 (wow! FORTY THREE) writers who contribute to the blog.  It’s a great way to hear what non-blogging practitioners are thinking about and it provides a venue for them to share and collaborate with their peers.  I hope more people will find it a valuable resource in 2011.
So that’s the performance summary.  How did I do?  What will 2011 have in store for me?  My thoughts are:
  • Host HRevolution 3 on April 29- 30 in Atlanta and make it better than ever!
  • Cut down on the number of conferences I attend and really focus on attending those that provide a strong networking opportunity with strong learning opportunities.
  • Provide leadership and feedback as a SHRM chapter President.  Grow HR networking in the St. Louis metro area.
  • The buzz word for me in 2011 will be innovation.  I’m going to do as much HR innovation as I can, especially at work.
  • Find ways to collaborate with new people like Jason Lauritzen, Paul Hebert, Joe Gerstandt, and Joni Doolin.
  • I will learn to play the guitar.  It’s been a long time goal and 2011 will be the year I tackle it.  And now that I’ve said it publicly, one year from now I”ll have to post a video showing my progress.


  • Word of advice on learning to play guitar: keep one in your office and practise during breaks.

    Look forward to watching a video of you playing “Smoke on the Water” this time next year.

  • I love the Put Up or Shut Up post and for the update. It’s great to hear testimonies from people doing great work !! Although I was hoping to make the “working with Trish” list for 2011. Not that I’m bitter . . . no . . . not at all.

    You amaze me and others !! Continue your great example. Remember the best HR is modeled !!

  • Trish, I was the President the year that SMA South Florida was officially chartered as a chapter by SHRM. It was a fabulous experience for me personally; I learned a great deal and made some wonderful friends. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  • Great idea to have the list and even better to share it. Look forward to hearing more about HR innovation in particular. And I like the cutting down on conferences idea – quality wins there.

    As for playing the guitar, I love that. I attended a fantastic HR unconference here in London recently and closed it with a little song. Here’s the link. I hope it inspires…or at least doesn’t put you off!


    Have fun – Doug

  • Trish – just took the reigns as SHRM ATL Board Chair 2011-2012 – have learned a lot about chapter leadership, SHRM National etc.

    Glad to help you put up anytime

    take care

    • @Mike- I’ll take you up on that help! I’ll be interested to see if SHRM national really embraces a completely new chapter. We don’t even have an existing group to affiliate- this is grassroots startup baby! 🙂

  • this is a great exercise and one we probably don’t go through enough. it’s the cobbler’s children have not shoes syndrome. i’m going to make my list right now (because it is highly doubtful any one else out there will make me do it.) thanks!

    • @Charlie- Definitely sign on board for 2011. It’s great having a network support you in your work and personal goals throughout the year. They also throw new ideas your way on how to meet them.

  • No work with Mike vanDervort goal? rats!

    I suppose I need to do my goals for PUSU 2011 as well. Nice job!

    You forgot to mention being part of the kickass blog team at HR Florida. Someone might be thinking about asking Joni Doolin and Victorio in 2011, maybe….

    • @Mike- You’re right….HR Florida was a great event that helped me meet my goals around being more involved with SHRM. Wouldn’t a panel with Joni, Victorio, Joe Gerstandt, and Jason Lauritsen be great for 2011? Can I come moderate with you? We can make it even more interactive!!

  • Hi Trish,

    Congratulations and good luck with 2011. I’m sure you’ll be just as successful as — if not more so — this year. In regards to HR technology, try a social media recruiting solution (like Cachinko). I think you’ll really like it. Let me know what you think!

    • @Heather- Thanks so much for the comment. I’ll definitely recommend it to our recruiting team.

    • @Paul- thanks for the comment. Victorio is definitely a good project manager. I think that’s one reason I found the Put Up or Shut Up idea so compelling. Ultimately we choose who we work with, even if there is not a paycheck attached. That’s why I chose to get involved with him.

  • Well Trish this proves we are working really hard on innovation over here at People Report – six days later I just found this post – and I am speechless – meeting you IRL was one of the highlights of my 2010 – and I have been thinking about ways that we might connect next year.

    You are the energizer bunny of HR – what a leader – and God bless Victorio and Mike for connecting us and for inspiring you to produce this amazing litany of accomplishments this year – actually you should take 2011 off! But since you won’t, please count me in as a colleague, support for HREvolution 3, perhaps a partner in crime w/ Mr. vanDervort in Florida, and most of all a raving fan 🙂 Joni

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