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December 29, 2010

Hello!  Well, I’m back from a 5 day vacation to magical Disney World.  I’m happy to report that I was actually able to live without my computer for that long since some of my family members probably think I’m tied to it.  It was nice to take time away and focus on my kiddos and ensure that they had the most magical experience ever.  If you’re expecting a business-related post, those will be back tomorrow.  For now, I thought I’d share a couple stories from the trip for those of you who are interested.

Our holiday was a complete surprise for my 7 year old twins.  They woke up on Christmas eve morning at 4:00 am to be told that Santa left them a note.  It said they needed to go to the airport.  The drive to the airport was one filled with excitement as they tried to guess where Santa was sending them.  Once at the airport, their Grandpa gave them Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals as their clue.  They were ecstatic!  We spent Christmas eve at the Hollywood Studios park and had a wonderful time watching Fantasmic.  We ended our night at the Brown Derby and walked through the Osbourne Family Christmas light display.  It was an amazing amount of light.

Christmas day started with Santa leaving presents under our tiny tree in the hotel room.  My kiddos were so happy that Santa could find them.  Luckily we decided to spend the day at Epcot because the Magic Kingdom ended up closing once it reached 70,000 guests that day!  After that, there was swimming, eating meals with characters, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, lots of roller coasters, more food and sweets than we needed, and even several shows.  All in all it was a good break.

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whether that means celebrating Christmas, Chanukkah, or other holidays!

Headed to Christmas dinner at Epcot


  • sounds like an awesome Christmas and definitely one for the memory book! Hope you have a relaxing New Year’s holiday as well.

    • @Emily- Thanks Emily and I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well!

  • Welcome back Trish! So glad you had a wonderful time with the family – disconnecting (rather reconnecting) has a way of re-igniting things all around. I don’t do it often enough and love the reminder you posted here.

    • @Lisa- Merry Christmas Lisa. It was nice to put the writing aside for several days and just feel young and have fun. Hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family too!!

  • So very glad you had such wonderful memories. You all deserved a break and time to be together. I think Bob and I are going to try and be gone next year for Christmas and New Years Eve. Don’t know where yet but it’s a year away.

    • @Nancy- Thank you Nancy and Merry Christmas. Sorry I missed you and Bob that day. I enjoyed going somewhere for Christmas but am looking forward to just being with my extended family and friends next year.

  • Welcome back! I am so glad you all had a great time. I loved the pictures you posted on facebook. Can’t wait to take our girls to Disney World one day. Maybe Ben will do without his phone and computer for a few days. 🙂

    • @Melanie- Thanks. It’s good to vacation and good to come home again. Looks like you had a wonderful (yet busy) 1st Christmas with Bella and Bree. Loved their Christmas picture!

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