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June 14, 2011

Between work, personal commitments, and vacation, I’ve been reading far more lately than I’ve been writing.  I think these lulls or changes in daily pattern are necessary to recharge the mental batteries and take writing and thought into new directions.

Here are a few of the blogs that are shaping my thoughts:

  • IncBlog (Incblot Organizational Psychology)-  Written by Dr. Daniel Crosby, this blog explores issues in personal response that any HR professional or business professional can benefit from reading.
  • Lean HR blog–  Written by Dwane Lay, expert in Lean, Six Sigma, PeopleSoft implementation and a host of other business and technology skills, this blog make me THINK.  Check it out.
  • Innovate On Purpose–  Written by Jeffrey Phillips, this blog on “ideas, conversations, and approaches for sustainable, repeatable innovation”  is one I subscribe to via Tabbloid.com because I regularly print it on a weekly basis and share with colleagues.
  • Brain Leaders and Learners–  Written by Dr. Ellen Weber, this is one of my “must reads” because the tactics in neuro discovery that she shares are hard to find anywhere else.

Some great blogs to add to your reader or subscribe to via email or Tabbloid.com. What else should I be reading?  What is the one thing you have to read and can’t do without right now?

Be sure to share your favorite blog or book in the comments so we can all find new types of inspiration!


  • Well, since I have become an ordained minister, I am reading the Bible once again. I need to come up with relevant biblical verses if I am to perform weddings.

    I also recommend my new blog: http://www.randomdougstuff.blogspot.com

    This blog is decidedly different than the last one, and has a pot pourri of subject matter. This is something to check out when you have absolutely nothing else to do.

  • Hi Trish.

    Thanks for noticing my blog. Perhaps we should get together and write an article on the importance of HR in innovation?


  • Neuro discovery is a fascinating topic. Thank you for sharing your finds. I will visit these places for sure! Since I am pursuing my dream of becoming a human resources manager I have been soaking up great blogs like yours and books written by seasoned professionals, like Andria L. Corso’s book, From Gatekeeper to Trusted Advisor, which offers real-life examples on what to do (and not to do) to reach trusted advisor status. I highly recommend this to anyone in the field or who would like to enter into the profession.

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