Tim Sackett: Most Powerful Man in HR or International Man of Mystery?


September 14, 2011

Sackett makes time for adoring fans

Today I have the opportunity to share an interview with Tim Sackett, HR pro, VP and self-proclaimed “Most Powerful Man in HR.”  Tim recently sat down with Kyle Lagunas from Software Advice.  They talked about the future for HR professionals, the impact of technology, talent communities, critical thinking and more.  Here’s a little taste:

Q: Ongoing training and learning is a popular strategy for retention. But which is more effective: talent learning programs or the actual opportunity for growth?

Sackett: Without a question, it’s the opportunity for growth. Companies will spend billions of dollars on talent development programs this year. The main reason they do that is either to try and placate employees they don’t have growth opportunities for, or to keep someone in place until he or she is ready to grow.

For the most part, if you can keep people satisfied and let them know there’s a growth plan for them, they’ll stay around. But that’s where a lot of companies fail in their development. They say, “We need you to get better at this.” But why do I need to get better at that? Where’s it going to lead me? They’ll say, “If you want to be promoted, you have to have better soft skills,” but what’s that promotion and when is it going to happen?

It’s tough. There’s a very small part of our population that can take a look at a talent development program and feel like, “This is the right thing for me now.” Our tendency is to say, “Let me go do it right now.” It’s hard to find those individuals that will say, “You’re right, Tim. I need to do this for three more years.”

So, is Tim Sackett truly the most powerful man in HR?  Or, is he more of an international man of mystery?  Who can really say?  Either way, he’s a smart and witty HR pro worth hearing more from.  Want to read more?  Click through for the full interview…..  There are also rumors you may get to meet him at the upcoming HRevolution so get registered today if you aren’t already.

Queen of HR & the Most Powerful Man in HR
Queen of HR & the Most Powerful Man in HR
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