Translating Predicted Trends Into People Experiences In The Workplace


February 5, 2013

I found a fascinating info-graphic yesterday that not only captured many of the cultural highlights of 2012, it also attempts to predict what trends will be in 2013.  It makes me wonder what potential people implications these could have for organizations.

For example, the ideas of Sustain a Culture, My Connected Life, and Extraordinary Experience can all be translated into people experiences at work.  How?

  • Sustain A Culture-  The whole idea of moving toward a zero waste solution, taking recycling to a whole new level.
  • My Connected Life-  Having cars, vending machines, and other machines we interact with know our names.
  • Extraordinary Experience-  Creating a total submersion experience for customers into a brand.

Sustain A Culture

How can this play out in your workplace?  Well many companies already have some green initiatives   What companies don’t tend to do is look at how to move toward a “zero waste” mentality.  I’d venture to guess that anyone reading this blog could do more to:

  • Promote use of electronic documents
  • Discontinue use of disposable cups, plates, or utensils at work
  • Reduce electricity use at work by turning off overhead lights and using smaller, energy-efficient lamps and bulbs
  • Contacting companies you do business with and requesting electronic mail vs. standard mail
  • Promote recycling by using any money from the effort to reward the employees
  • Reduce packaging for items you mail

My Connected Life

  • Create personalized employee apps for work-related needs
  • Start or increase use of internal social communities for increased collaboration
  • Find ways to incorporate personalized wellness initiatives designed for needs of each employee

Extraordinary Experience

  • Use the immersive approach to bring candidates on-board
  • Share as much of your corporate brand during the recruitment process
  • Come up with a customized approach to on-boarding.  How will the employee look, feel and sound working at your company?
  • Use branded technology messages as well as branded items to welcome new hires.


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