Words To The Wise: Set Yourself Up For Job Search Success


February 18, 2013

leader logoSo you’re looking for a job.  One of the problems when this happens is that it often is not by your choice.  Suddenly, you have the pressure of bills to pay and mouths to feed and little idea of how you’ll do this for long without a J.O.B.

So you scramble.  You scour job boards like your grandmother cleaned bathtubs with Comet.  You talk to friends, family, former colleagues, your dry cleaner, the dentist, the checkout lady at the grocery store.  Hell, you’ll network with anyone for a J.O.B.

You use social, if you know how.  You check newspapers.  Yes, they still exist.  Craigslist?  Sure.  After all, you need a J.O.B.

Finally, you land a couple interviews.  Sure, you’re not familiar with the companies, but never fear.  Your good friend Google will save the day.  You interview and they put on the hard sell.  The only problems are:

  • The salary isn’t quite what you wanted
  • The job duties are only marginally close to what you aspire to
  • Benefits?  I’m sure they have some, right?

So what is missing?  Well, preparation.  Since you are not putting yourself in the driver seat, you’re missing a lot.  In this day and age, you need to be prepared for the layoff scenario.  What can you do?

  1. Start saving.  By having a savings you can fall back on while you’re looking, you give yourself the precious gift of time.  Time to find a company culture where you truly fit.
  2. Consider contract or temp work.  Many people don’t want to try this option because they think it is beneath them or they think they won’t have time to continue looking for work.  Not true.  It looks better to a potential employer that you’re getting right back on the horse you fell off of.  It will give you some additional cash while looking, keep your skills current, and show initiative.

Don’t set yourself up to have to take the first position offered just to have a check.  Try to stack the deck in your favor.  You’ll find that when you finally land, you’ll be much happier and satisfied in your decision about your new employer.


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