2010 Human Capital Predictions


March 12, 2013

A few weeks ago, William Tincup asked me to contribute my ideas and predictions about Human Capital in 2010.  Since 2010 is almost here, and he already ran the post on his site https://jpie.com, I thought I’d share them here too.  So, here are my ideas:

Workplace privacy will become an issue in 2010

As the need to use social media in the work setting emerges stronger in 2010, there will be more attention given to workplace privacy issues.  Employees and companies will begin to figure out how to use social platforms to gain business advantage, however, non-adopters will press the privacy envelope by trying to over-monitor usage.  This will lead to employees feeling like “Big Brother” is back stronger than ever.  This disconnect may be a competitive advantage for companies who “get it” because they will actually capitalize on the relationship building and knowledge sharing that can be accomplished with social media.  The key find for 2010 will be the realization of ROI on social media use.

Technology is the word for 2010

We saw this start to happen in 2009 and the focus on using better technology in the human capital area will continue.  Although companies have been forced to make cuts in jobs, many global corporations will set the bar for being able to use great systems to track people anywhere.  This need will be facilitated by the increase of workers who demand more flexibility.  As more employees work virtually, there will be a greater need for systems to track actual work product instead of face time.  Also, there will be cheaper technology available for individuals to carry with them- netbooks, iPhone and android aps, etc.

HR governance and business practices

HR pros will begin to think more about governance and business practices and less about being the party planner, gossip manager, and fashion police.

What are your thoughts?  What are we in store for in 2010?  Weigh in using the comments.

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