Innovation In HR Technology 2021: Oracle HCM Cloud


November 16, 2020

*Guest post by Steve Boese*

Over the summer months we at H3 HR Advisors have spent many hours attending virtual HR and HCM events, having countless Zoom calls with HR technology solution providers and doing our best to keep on top of all the developments in HR tech – and trust me, despite the pandemic there has been a tremendous level of innovation in HR tech.

Today I wanted to highlight how one solution provider, Oracle HCM, has continued to innovate throughout 2020, and in particular, how one new set of capabilities, the Oracle Opportunity Marketplace, supports several important business and employee needs – the need for business agility, the need to employee skills development, and the need to engage employees across the organization.

With the Opportunity Marketplace, managers can easily create short term assignments, i.e. “gigs” for projects and activities that the organization needs to get accomplished but are not of a permanent nature and don’t rise to the level of opening a full-time position. Interested employees can apply to these gig opportunities in just a couple of clicks, and the gig manager can review applicants and assign someone to the gig in minutes.

In fact, the Opportunity Marketplace even applies artificial intelligence to match employees, based on their profile data, with the gig opportunities that they are likely to have the most interest in, and promotes these to the top of their experience. Finally, Opportunity Marketplace also combines these new gig opportunities with the “regular” or full-time internal job openings that the organization is seeking to fill that also align with the employee’s skills, profile, and career interests.

This is a great example of how HR technology is responding to changing business and workplace conditions and demands. This year organizations have been forced to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, react to the challenges caused by the worldwide pandemic, while at the same time ensure that employee skills and capabilities continue to develop to keep them engaged and confident in their careers.

Two final things I wanted to share – firstly, congratulations to Oracle HCM for having the Opportunity Marketplace recognized as one of Human Resource Executive’s and the HR Technology Conference’s Top HR Products for 2020 – truly an impressive accomplishment!

And lastly, I wanted to share a recent HR Happy Hour podcast that we did with Chris Leone, Senior Vice President, Applications Development,  at Oracle who shared with us Oracle HCM’s Fall 2020 Product Update, how Oracle HCM has continued to serve their customers during the pandemic, and how they themselves as a large, global organization have made the necessary adjustments to continue to deliver on customer commitments during the pandemic. You can listen to the show below, or on your favorite podcast app.

Thanks very much to Chris for taking the time to talk with us and to share all the great innovation and progress at Oracle – learn more at

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