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HRevolution 2010: The Value of the Un-Conference

While I'm off  playing  and participating in serious learning at TRU London, I am happy to have Margo Rose guest ...
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Never Too Late For TRU London

TRULondon2 We're only a few short days away from an exciting recruiting and HR un-conference, TRU London 2.  TRU London ...
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TRULondon 2: London’s Calling Me

TRULondon2 I have never been to London, but it's calling me in February.  I'm not quite sure what to expect. ...
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The Future of HR: Agile Workplaces

The Senior HR Executive Conference. Just hearing those words for most of my career made me picture some off-limits, highly ...
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Senior HR Executive Conference

For the past two days, I have been participating at the Senior HR Executive Conference hosted by The Conference Board.  ...
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