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What I’ve Been Up To- It’s All About Evolution

Like everyone else I know, I have quite a lot on my plate lately.  With that in mind, I thought ...
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Social Media Bridging the Age Gap: The Demise of Generational Differences

Newsflash:  There are generational differences in the workplace.  Have you heard about it? (I'm dripping with sarcasm here people) There are ...
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HR Technology Conference- Closing Thoughts

Last Friday I was able to participate in the final day of the HR Technology Conference in Chicago.  I’ve shared ...
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HR Technology Conference- Meeting the Tweeps

I just returned home from the HR Technology Conference in Chicago.  I missed the first couple days due to work, ...
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A Day In The Life Of Victorio Milian- Creative Chaos Consultant

Happy Thursday!  It's been a bit since I highlighted someone in this series of posts.  Just to recap, I am highlighting ...
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Making The Rubber Hit The Road- Rebranding HR

If I were asked to describe my "ideal" HR department, it would be one in which every HR pro would: ...
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What’s Your Legacy?

Do you ever think about the legacy you will leave when you are no longer with your company?  With unemployment ...
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Come On In, The Water’s Warm- Encouraging Social Media For HR

Yesterday I was fortunate to be asked to present 'How to Apply Social Media for Human Resources' at my firm ...
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