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When Leaders Don’t Feel Strong

I had a scare yesterday when one of my kids was hurt in a sports accident.  It was serious enough ...
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The Secret? Surround Yourself By Greatness

Simple messages often resonate longer and louder.  I heard one this week that is doing just that. Tuesday had been ...
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Do Top HR Pros Need To Be Cross-Trained?

Steve Boese, yes, THAT Steve Boese from "the Year of Steve", is a good friend of mine.  He is also ...
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Top 3 Reasons CHRO’s Need To Embrace Social

As 2011 comes to a close, many people begin thinking about the coming year and ways they can either lose ...
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Square Pegs: Keeping Good People At Your Company

From the dusty archives... Have you heard the expression you can't fit a square peg in a round hole? Well, ...
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Respect is the Key

I'm going to give you the answer first, then all the questions. The answer is RESPECT. And now, the questions: ...
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Crush Inconsistency In The Workplace in 4 Easy Steps

Lessons for how to be a better leader, mentor and coach can come from anywhere. Lately, I've been attracted to ...
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HR Does Not Own Talent

Do you ever have those moments where someone says something and immediately you KNOW it is important and will stick with you ...
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