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Crush Inconsistency In The Workplace in 4 Easy Steps

Lessons for how to be a better leader, mentor and coach can come from anywhere. Lately, I've been attracted to ...
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Visual Spacial Skills Affect Your Leadership: What’s Your Style?

*From the dusty archives... A couple weeks ago I was listening to a talk radio show on my way ...
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4 Keys To Deliver A Tough Message Successfully

The ability to deliver bad news and tough messages is a skill that many people do not naturally possess.  For ...
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Glory Days: Relive Accomplishments

*From the dusty archives so I can enjoy vacation... Disclaimer:  I am a proud football mom.  I know some people ...
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4 Keys to Transitioning Through Resignation or Promotion

We've all left a job. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, leaving your organization or position is a commonality we all share ...
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Taking Compliments Graciously

Do you know how to take a compliment?  I don't know that I'm the best person to write about this ...
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Making Leadership Success “Stick”

I’ve been thinking lately about why some leaders fail.  There are many theories about the causes and what can be ...
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Just Coach

Tired of spending 80% of your time on 20 % of your staff?  Tired of walking around the office or ...
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