Three Ways HR is Like a Circus- Guest Post by Ben Eubanks

Hello kind readers.  I'm thrilled to have a guest post today by Ben Eubanks.  Ben is an innovative and creative ...
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Yo Adrian! You Don’t Have to “Win” to be Great

Have you seen Rocky?  How about Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, Rocky 5, AND Rocky Balboa?  I know......there have ...
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I Miss Upward Feedback

I miss upward feedback programs.  I know that many companies have 360 degree feedback programs, but those are often more formal ...
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SIMPLIFY- Tips for Job Seekers, The Overworked, and The Retirees

Have you heard of the Titan Atlas?  I’m sure you have.  To refresh your memory (according to , Atlas ...
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HR Leadership Sesame Street Style: Which HR Manager Would You Choose?

So, I’ve been on vacation a few days and since I have two little ones, I’ve had a bit of ...
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New Career Path? Look Over Your Shoulder.

Are you happy with your career?  Are you working or have you been laid off?  I don’t know if it ...
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How Music Affects Employee Performance

I read an extremely interesting article today and I started thinking about how music affects our performance at work.  The article was "Music as ...
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Honoring Our Soldiers This Memorial Day

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, people are rushing out of town.  They are hitting the local grocery ...
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SAP/ Successfactors Interview: Culture & Creative Outcomes

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