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Doing The Right Thing, Just A Little Too Late.

I planned to write another post today, but I saw a story that keeps popping into my mind. There was ...
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A Day In The Life Of Lisa Rosendahl- of Lisa Rosendahl’s HR Thoughts

Welcome to this week's installment of the 'A Day in the Life of...' series.  I hope you're enjoying reading about ...
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HR Dancing Queen

It's Labor Day and what better day to share something fun.  For anyone who knows about Zappos, you have probably ...
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Job Exchange Programs- A Different Spin On Employee Development

It's September and for most kids that means the start of a new school year full of change.  A new ...
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HRevolution- Are You “IN” Yet?

HRevolution is coming!  It's being held November 6- 7, 2009 in Louisville, KY.  Check out the HRevolution site at ...
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What’s the Thing You’re Known for at Work?

Ok, so every once in awhile I am not on the cutting edge (insert chuckles here).  One thing I know ...
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It’s the Carnival of HR

Happy Wednesday!  What better way to spend your time than checking out the latest Carnival of HR?  The HR Forum ...
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Guess Who’s Hiring? State Fairs

It seems like I've been hearing a lot about state fairs lately.  Puf over at Human Resources Pufnstuff has been ...
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