Ceridian: HRevolution Sponsor Spotlight


April 4, 2011

Want to know something cool about HRevolution?  Our sponsors really believe in grassroots efforts to challenge traditional thinking about HR, recruiting, social media, and business.  TodayI’m excited to highlight one of our HRevolution partners:


Thousands of employers worldwide trust Ceridian to deliver the best in HR, payroll, and benefits services.  And back for a second year, Will Manuel will be joining us as a sponsor and participant at HRevolution.

Ceridian Human Resources Outsourcing yields measurable improvements in the quality and efficiency of HR administration, helping you decrease capital expenditure, drive productivity and mitigate risk.  Their KnowHow offers predictable costs, industry expertise and best practices . But let’s dig deeper and really talk about how Ceridian can help YOU in a meaningful way.

How many of you are working with systems that are not compatible?  Are you raising your hand?

Well, Ceridian offers expertise with proven integrated solutions that can:

  • Effectively manage your business.  From human resources, payroll, and payment solutions to benefits and health and productivity solutions, to compliance and tax filing services, Ceridian has you covered.
  • They cater to YOU.  The offer single solutions to package deals all with the support and resources you need.

Trying to cut costs and streamline in this economy?  Want to show how HR can be a cost-saver?

  • You can greatly reduce your risk for unexpected financial fees associated with non-compliance with human resources, payroll and tax regulations when you work with Ceridian.
  • Employers spend $78,000 to defend each FMLA lawsuit regardless of outcome? (Source: US Dept of Labor Wage and Hour Division.)  Ceridian can ensure your compliance with over 9,000 federal, state and local regulations to minimize your financial risk.
  • Ceridian can help you stabilize your health care costs with integrated EAP, Work-Life and Health and Wellness programs. You’ll actually see your results through an ROI statement showing your savings on an annual basis.
  • Reduce staff time and error rates by a factor of 70 percent or more with Ceridian’s automated Time & Attendance solutions. Customers who use Ceridian Self-Service solutions report a 100 percent ROI within 18 months.
So, there you have it.  Great reasons to check out Ceridian and some of the ways they can help you with the issues that face you each day at work.  Have questions?  Reach out to Will Manuel (william.manuel@ceridian.com).   Thank you to Ceridian for your support of HRevolution for the second year!

If you have any great stories of how Ceridian is helping YOUR business, please be sure to share those with us in the comments.


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