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As a speaker, I always enter the stage with the goal to inspire, inform, and educate with the promise to give you a new perspective on HR and HCM Technology. I deliver customized keynotes - as either a keynote speaker or a session leader - that are highly targeted towards the needs of the specific audience that I am addressing.

I charge a fee to speak, in addition to business-class travel and expenses. The fee is based on the size of the event or the audience, and the preparation time involved. I also provide speaking services for webinars too. Topics and pricing are similar to the in-person speaking engagements.

If you are interested in hiring me, then please get in touch today.

Topics that I speak about on a regular basis include:

  • Human Resources (various topics)

  • Leadership skill building

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Social media for business leaders

  • Communications for HR

  • Disruption

Examples of my speaking work


Helping global audiences to understand new and innovative HR and HCM technologies, assess the business or societal effects, and then adapt to a new reality.

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