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May 18, 2011

Life ebbs and flows.  It brings all the sweetest moments and peppers in some of the most trying challenges.  Through it all, we somehow each find our way.  Over the years, I’ve looked to my mentors to guide me through with advice on how they handle specific situations.  With that in mind, back in 2009 I started a “Work/life Leader Series” of posts that would give various leaders a place to share their ideas and experiences on the age-old issue of work/life balance.

While I haven’t heard much about work/life balance in the last year, it seems that lately it’s resurfacing.  Often, I get asked by new readers to share my thoughts on the topic.  With that in mind, I decided to take all the posts from the Work/life Leader Series and share them here.  As you’ll see, regardless if you’re male or female, the consensus is that there is no such thing as “balance” when it comes to juggling home responsibilities with work.  Enjoy!

Work/life Leader Series

Work/life Integration Eric Winegardner, VP of Client Adoption at Monster Worldwide

Work/life Unity–  Trish McFarlane

Work, Life and Life/work–  Bill Boorman, Founder of TRUevents, Recruiter, Trainer

Work/life Blend–  Leanne Chase, founder of Career Life Connection

Work/life: 10 Tips to Implement Flexibility Programs–  Beth Carvin, CEO & President, Nobscot Corporation

There’s No Such Thing As Work/life Balance Mike Vandervort, Social Media Community Manager, Publix

Work/life: Zen And The Art Of Focustime–  William Tincup, CEO, Tincup & Co.

Work/life Balance?  Not For Me!–  Jason Seiden, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Ajax Social Media


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