What Leaders Can Do To Rock Their Corporate Culture


December 14, 2011

Employee engagement remains a focus for most leaders.  After all, especially in an economic downturn, business leaders are trying to find ways to keep their teams energized, motivated and feeling valued.  One of the first ways to address any area of employee engagement is low is to look at the overall culture of the department.  Do employees feel heard?  Trusted?  Included?

Most leaders think the culture is what it is though.  Or they mistakenly think the culture is a supportive one when it is not.  Even organizations with high levels of employee engagement and commitment can make improvements that will have an impact on their teams.

Starting today, you can Rock Your Corporate Culture for $19.97.  Author Ben Eubanks has put together an e-guide that will help revolutionize your approach to culture.  The guide is broken down into three main pieces:

  • Defining culture at work
  • Leveraging culture for business success
  • Making changes to organizational culture
The guide also includes worksheets, videos and other bonus material that covers some of the more “hands on” applications of culture.  There are over 45 minutes of video focused on common culture questions that give a look into some of the most pressing questions on the minds of business leaders everywhere. Add to that the worksheets and exercises designed to get the reader engaged in their culture and you have a unique tool that HR professionals can use to influence the culture of their own organizations.

Rock Your Corporate Culture, you will learn how to inject culture into the recruiting process, how to hire and fire based on culture fit and how to influence and even change the embedded culture of the organization.  So don’t wait- download your copy today and start rocking your corporate culture!

Rock Your Culture Cover
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