5 Ways Executives Can Increase Success


August 16, 2012

One thing executives and up-and-coming practitioners think about is how to be more successful in their career. There are no shortage of books to tell you what steps to take.  There are countless bloggers, like me, who want to share our tips to get you to the best possible position.

As we have all heard, hands on learning and research still tends to be the best and most effective way to improve our skills.  This holds true as we move up the corporate ladder.  The issue becomes that the more responsibility you have as you take on larger roles, the less time you believe you have to develop yourself.  


  • Learn more about  technology-  Face it, you’re living in a fast-paced world.  Technology changes moment to moment so it’s a real challenge to stay current on not just the latest bright, shiny toy, but on key technologies to help run your business better.
  • Negotiate more- Many people land in high level roles and have not had much in the way of negotiation skills.   Sure, they may have bought a few things, but have they learned how to have conversations with multiple vendors, be able to get prices down, and make an informed decision?  Probably not.
  • Spend more time networking-  I’ve heard many leaders say they do not have time to network.  You may have a good circle to fall back on, but it’s always important to keep networking.  Your network can help you garner business, answer complex questions, help you land that next big job, and more!
  • Learn how to use social media for business, then DO it-  Still not big on social platforms?  Today is the day to change all that.  You just need to find a place to get that information in an easy to use format.
  • Communicate more effectively-  This is something we can all continue to work on.  Hearing how others communicate with employees or clients, as well as how they capture ROI, is a good way to keep your own skills, and style, fresh.


How have I continued my learning?  By attending the HR Technology® conference each year.  It brings all these opportunities to you in one place.

  • It’s a conference where you WILL learn how to be a better business leader.
  • It is a conference that gives you great opportunities to talk to vendors and LEARN how to negotiate with them.
  • It’s a conference where you meet other execs and practitioners who will expand your network.
Here’s the best deal….you can save $500 off the rack rate of $1,795. Just use the Promotion Code RINGLEADER (all caps) when you register onlinewww.HRTechConference.com .  It’s that easy!
Not familiar with the conference and need more info?  Check out the YouTube video https://bcove.me/ic18c0ee  or download the brochure https://bit.ly/Lbay7s .  Or, visit the website to see all the great options available.


Join me at HRevolution on Sunday, October 7th and follow it up by staying in Chicago for The HR Technology Conference.  Hope to see you there!

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