Finding Inspiration from the Tournament of Roses Parade


December 27, 2014


The end of December is a time of reflection for many.  We review our lives from a personal and business perspective.  It’s also a time to think about clean slates and starting the new year off right.  For many, that means resolutions about health and wealth.  For others, it is a time of predictions.  For me, it means one thing- – The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

For as long as I can remember,my annual ritual has been to watch the parade on television.  One thing that always intrigues me is the theme.  Each year, a different theme is selected and the floats all have to depict and represent that theme using natural materials such as roses, flowers, seeds, fruit and bark.  They are also typically high-tech and computer animated, which adds to the fun.

From 1972 and The Joy of Music, 1988’s Thanks to Communications,  1997’s Life’s Shining Moments, to last year’s Dreams Come True,  I can always relate the selected theme to something I’d like to do or think about in the coming year.  2015 will be no different because the theme is Inspiring Stories…”

I draw inspiration from so many places that I don’t give much thought to how each story inspires me.  For 2015, I plan to be more thoughtful and conscious of who and what inspires me at home and at work.  I predict that this extra step will help guide me toward a better understanding of what the future holds.  It will also free my mind to exploring options I may not have thought possible.  Only time will tell if this prediction holds true.

What about you?  What inspires you as you think about the future?  I encourage you to watch the inspiring stories that unfold in the Tournament of Roses parade this year and let me know if you have any “ah-ha!” moments.  Comment or tweet me!

*Be sure to look for the O’Fallon Township High School Band (O’Fallon, IL) marching in the parade.  We’re so excited to have our town represented!

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