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Top 2 Ways To Communicate…. with Me

How do you like people to communicate with you?  Do you let them know? I have talked to so many ...
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Revisit: The 5 Love Languages & How Yours Impacts Your Relationships

*From the dusty archives... I recently had a conversation with a friend about this book and it was a good ...
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Don’t Blame HR for Making all the Bad Policies

Policy manuals have been a topic of contention for years.  There are those firmly in the camp that they are ...
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Purge Your “To Do” List Today

If you're like me, there are days or weeks when you feel overwhelmed.  It is actually normal to have moments ...
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Join us for HRevolution November 7-8 in Dallas!

The HRevolution is coming to Dallas (Grapevine), TX on November 7- 8, 2014 and you're invited! HRevolution is an industry-changing ...
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Best Way To Help? Be A Good Listener

*From the dusty archives... I overheard an exchange between a mother and young child at a store the other day. ...
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Nothing Lasts Forever

            Everything in life is temporary: work health happiness success relationships The best part is ...
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Learning How To Encourage

Today's message is a short one.  I have been working as a supervisor for over twenty years.  I have been ...
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