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HR Happy Hour WORK BREAK! #33

It’s time for your @HRHappyHour WORK BREAK! w/ me & Steve Boese Today we talk about Nathans hot dogs & ...
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HCM Trends for 2020 and Beyond: Headstart Keynote

During a time of pandemic, there is a greater need for clarity and guidance on how to use technology to ...
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HR Federation 2020 Human Capital Management Trends Report- The Definitive Guide

As we enter a new decade, the HR Federation, a network of leading HR market analysts, is back to bring ...
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What Would You Do With “The Rationalizer”?

Some Friday fun... There are so many technologies that HR departments can use to track, measure, monitor, survey, and assist ...
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Guest Post- The Remedy For An Ailing Carrot Crop

While I am in Washington, D.C and Chicago this week, Adrian Gostick was kind enough to provide a guest post for ...
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HR- Your Call To Action

For all the talk about where HR is (dead, dying, totally "ok" as is, needs re-branding, transformation, or somewhere in ...
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Who Is Your Rock Star?

Quick- when you picture a rock star, who comes to mind?  Is it..... The Wiggles!  No?  Not so much?  Well, ...
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Looking for Diverse Ideas? Check Out the Carnival of HR

What's the best thing about today?  It's Carnival of HR time again!  I always look forward to the carnival because ...
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