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You Are Replaceable- And Maybe By The “Beaner Slinger”

You go to work every day.  You're dedicated, right?  Passionate about what you do?  Give it your all nearly every ...
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Using Social Media: Create A LinkedIn Alumni Group

Today we're back to tackling another of the ideas from 10 Ways To Build Social Media Into Your HR Practice. ...
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A Career Is A Path: What Is Your Next Step?

Are you happy with your career?  Are you working or have you been laid off? I'm hearing from more and ...
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Reasons For Working Multiple Jobs

If you spend any time reading about employment and unemployment statistics online, your head will begin to spin.  There is ...
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John Meynard Keynes

Unemployment Today: The Marginal Efficiency of Capital

Tonight I was reading and started thinking about the marginal efficiency of capital. It's probably obvious that I was not reading ...
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