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October 3, 2009

I just returned home from the HR Technology Conference in Chicago.  I missed the first couple days due to work, but was happy I was able to take some vacation time to come to the event.  This was my first opportunity to meet any of my “tweeps”.  I am often asked by people who do not use social media if the relationships I am building with people on Twitter and through blogging are real.  After my experience at HR Tech, I assure you, they are VERY real.

I am privileged to have met so many great people on Twitter that have now turned into friends.  Seeing each other in person was not like meeting a stranger, but was like seeing an old friend or family member you have not seen in a very long time.  This was not just the case for me, but for everyone there.  We feel a kinship with each other.  It is the most progressive, innovative exchange of HR ideas that I have been part of in my career. 

I’ll post soon about the actual conference, but today I’d like to just give shout outs to some of the amazing people I am lucky to have spent time with.  If you aren’t reading their blogs or following them on Twitter, do it today.  HR Tech Conference 2009They are truly some of the most giving people:

Steve Boese– Steve is someone I have wanted to meet for a very long time.  He has been involved in planning HRevolution since day one.  He has used his HR Happy Hour show to support the effort of bringing HR pros together to further the profession.  He is not only an HR tech expert and someone who people gravitate to, he’s also someone I rely on and trust. 

Mark Stelzner– Mark (of Inflection Advisors and Job Angels) is one of the most genuine, creative, and inspiring people I have ever met.  His ability as a thought leader in HR is unparalleled.

Laurie Ruettiman– In addition to being one great “roomie” at the conference, she is one of the most savvy women I have met.  She someone who tells it like it is on her blog but who is also one of the most sweet, sincere people I have known.  She’s also fun and one of the best tour guides I’ve had. Thanks Laurie!  Check out her new venture with Jason Seiden, Fail Spectacularly.

Beth Carvin– As the President and CEO of Nobscot Corporation, she is smart as a whip.  She is also extremely funny and I love that she is willing to stand up for what’s “right” and always tries to see the other side of an issue.  She embodies everything a great female entrepreneur should be.

Jason Seiden– When you meet Jason, you know you’ve just met a great leader of his generation- my generation.  His coaching ability shines through.  His insight on people and the way he expresses his thoughts helps drive conversation. Truly someone HR pros should strive to emulate.

Traci Deveau– Bubbly.  That is the best word to describe Traci.  She has a laugh that is infectious, she’s an optimist, and more fun than I thought anyone could be.  Sit down and talk with her and she’ll also show you that she’s got strong business development knowledge. 

Lance Haun “the Lance”- I have often said that Lance is “MY” HR guy and it’s true.  He brings a quiet but well thought out approach to HR and advancing our industry. Talking with him in person just reinforces that he’s the real deal. 

Mike Krupa– One of the first people I connected with on Twitter.  Mike’s understanding of the technical side of HR is only surpassed by his kindness and his ability to have fun. 

Cheree Klimek– Charee is one motivated business woman.  She not only has started her own business this year, Vocii, but she is a driving force of Job Angels.  She shows that giving back can really bring people together.

There are also a few people I wish I had more time with at the conference: Kris Dunn, Jessica Lee, and Bryon Abramowitz

So, whether you are a “HR techie” or an HR generalist, definitely consider attending the 2010 HR Technology Conference.


  • Great post Trish. It was fantastic to meet so many smart, funny, and interesting folks at the conference. Thanks for attending and participating in the HR Happy Hour show as well. See you at HRevolution!

  • I know others have said this but I think it’s worth repeating: I have learned more in the 3 months I have been active in HR social media than I have ever learned in any seminar or conference in the past 10 years.

    I’m a knowledge and learning junkie. You, and the others you have listed, give me a fix like no other. Not only is the “drug” top shelf quality, it is delivered in an extraordinarily unforgettable way.

    I can’t wait to meet all of you at HRevolution and continue feeding my habit.

  • Trish since I still only know this illustrious group by following you on Twitter – I really appreciated the chance to get to know the talent behind the avatars with a bit more insight. Your post makes a very important point; (that so many who fear social media use to avoid it) you really can connect with other like-minded beings in cyberspace in ways that help us develop personally and professionally. You said it – this is the a highlight for your career in terms of the sharing, innovation and yes – caring. Congrats on weaving together such a great group.

  • Thank you for including me Trish. I felt as you did–Twitter is the link that connects but the glue is the genuine relationships that will sustain even Twitter. You are wonderfully giving, more warm in person, and so insightful. I’m blessed to have your friendship. Thank you for writing this post and sharing what so many felt.

  • What a fantastic group of people. I felt like I was home. Now if we can just work out the social protocol for “introducing” yourself to someone in person for the first time after months of connecting with them online, that’d be great! 😉

  • @Fran- It really was amazing to be with so many great people. HRevolution will definitely be great- I have no doubt. Can’t wait to meet you!

    @Steve- Thanks. I loved the energy of your live show and the live guests.

    @Joan- I feel the same way you do. I have learned and keep learning from this talented group of HR pros.

    @Joni- Thank you for the comment. I hope you’ll consider joining us at HRevolution. Social media is a great way to meet, taking it to phone conversations and email is the next step, in person is really the best. I am so glad I took that last step.

    @Paul and @Meg- You both were definitely missed. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

    @Debbie and @Traci- You girls are SO fun. You made my conference experience worth it!

    @Mark- I not only liked meeting you, I also have a great appreciation to what you add to the HR conversation. Hope you’ll consider HRevolution.

    @Jason (a.k.a. “hot sandwich”)- You know, I think the “protocol” worked itself out. You said it best- I felt like I was home. I am SO glad you were there.

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HR Tech Conference 2009
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