I’m Taking A Personal Day


January 5, 2010

I’m taking a personal day.

Not from work, but here on my blog.  I know it’s a “HR blog”, but the longer I write and the more I come to learn about each of you who are kind enough to stop by and read and comment, the more I know I can share some personal thoughts too.

Today, I want to ask a favor of you.

I just read a post by my dear friend, Mark Stelzner.  Mark wrote a lovely tribute to his grandmother Rose on his blog.  More than anything, I want you to go read it today. I am reminded of the post I shared with you months ago about my own Grammy.  Her story and the story of Mark’s grandmother are very similar.

You just never know what people are going through.  We might be experiencing loss, having medical issues, having family or work issues.  My advice is to reach out to someone if you are going through something challenging.  You can draw so much strength from your friends- even your online friends.

So to Mark, I say thank you for sharing your story.  I send my love to you and Yasha.

And to you, I say you’re always welcome to share personal things with me.  Use the comments today to share your own story about a loved one or something that is challenging you right now that you might need help with.  You can also reach me via e-mail at trisham89@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading.




  • I teach at a small, liberal arts college of around 2,000 students. One of my more interesting responsibilities I have been doing for the past 6 years is serving as advisor for a social group of some 60 females (social groups are like sororities and fraternities, without the greek affiliation). It has definitely given me an opportunity to get to know students who would not necessarily take one of my classes.

    Unfortunately, despite the size, the group has seen its share of tragedy during my tenure. In March 2006, two of the females in the group were returning to campus from a weekend trip home, hit a patch of ice, and their car crashed killing them both.

    Just under three weeks ago, another of the members of our group (and one of my advisees) was snowmobiling with her family late at night. She went to turn, her snowmobile did not respond, and she ran into a building, killing her.

    In the latter case, I take some solace that most of the students had already headed home for winter break and were with family and loved ones for support during these trying times. It is also helpful that they will have some time off before classes to cope with the loss. But, I know the first few weeks are going to be rough ones for many of the group members as they try to deal with a new semester without her.

    • @Matt- I am so glad you shared what you’re going through. It is especially hard to hear about young people losing their lives. They are just getting started in this world and to have it cut short is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to your students that you advise and any of the classmates of the young woman who passed in the snowmobile accident. If there is anything I can do for you as you deal with this too, don’t hesitate to call me.

  • Hi Trish-
    I too have something personal to share with you. I will call or email you soon. Just need someone to listen.Thanks!

  • Nice post. I took the more private approach, sending Mark my condolences via twitter. He’s a great guy, and I know his grandmother had much to do with that, just from the way he spoke of her in his blog.

    I was lucky enough to have wonderful grandparents. I lost my grandfather almost 20 years ago, and I still miss him today.

  • Marks post was heartbreaking. You can tell how much he loved his grandmother just by reading his words. My own grandmothers time is drawing near and I’m afraid of how my mom is going to handle the loss. My mom and I are only children so our family was very close growing up; we’ve each been everything to the other, the only family we’ve had. Ugh, not going to be easy times. #grabstheKleenexbox

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