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February 8, 2010

Are you in HR?  Yes?

Do you feel like you have a good handle on all the business skills you need to be as successful as possible?  No?

Well, Victorio Milian over at Creative Chaos Consultant blog has the cure for that.  Several months ago, Victorio started a series of posts under the “HR 101” umbrella.  He then reached out to some strong leaders in the HR industry and had them post about topics such as finance, internal communications, PR, HR technology, law, and statistics, to name a few.

Now, you can get all these great posts in one convenient place, the HR 101 e-book.

Download your copy here, refer your friends and colleagues, and please be sure to let Victorio know that you appreciate his efforts by commenting on his blog or tweeting at him here.


  • “Victorio Milian over at Creative Chaos Consultant blog has the cure for that.”

    That’s a false statement, Trish. I may have had the prescription (organizing the series) but you and the other contributors were the true cure. Your insight and experience helps to get rid of ignorance and improves one’s knowledge. And it’ll give you clearer skin in 30 days (or maybe not)!

    Thanks for being a great member of the HR community, Trish.

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HR 101
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