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March 19, 2010

One of the best parts of attending unconferences is that you not only meet intelligent professionals, but you get the opportunity to hear them speak, even if they are not on the “official” track list.  Recently, I had the privlidge of meeting Gordon Lokenberg, founder of Lokloq mobile recruitment solutions.  Lokloq develops mobile apps for job boards and large recruitment companies.  I met Gordon recently at TRU London and was immediately struck by the amount of insight and information he has when it comes not only to mobile recruiting, but mobile technology in general.  He pulled together a track on the spot and went over many cool apps.  I am sharing a couple of my favorites that he told the group about.

Layar App for Android and iPhone

Layar–  This is an augmented reality browser app for Android or the iPhone.  By using the camera and GPS in your device to “see” where you are, the app adds layers of information based on your location.  So, you may be on a city street and see the street layered with restaurant and bar information.  Or, you might see homes for sale.  It gives you options to see the data you are interested in.


Skyhook location positioning

Skyhook–  Is a wireless positioning system.  Skyhook goes beyond traditional GPS in determining the location.  It also considers information from wi-fi positioning and cell towers so that the result is the most accurate location possible.  It works well indoors and outside.  I have the MyTouch android phone and when I searched apps for Skyhook, there are several to choose from that use the technology.  This definitely works indoors and I am very impressed with the level of detail it gives beyond the GPS alone.


Shazam App for Android and iPhone

Shazam–  This is an app that let’s you take a “musical journey”, according to their website.  Basically, when you hear a song or clip of music, you start the app.  It “listens” then searches to find the song.  I’ve tried it with radio, CDs, and TV and it works every time.  It then brings up a host of information on that particular song such as the album, genre, the band’s MySpace page (if they have one), and gives you options to purchase the song.  It then tracks your playlist for you.

So, try one of the new apps.  Oh, and be sure to check out Gordon’s site for lots of great mobile recruiting information.  Cheers!


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Layar App for Android and iPhone
Layar App for Android and iPhone
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