HRevolution Sponsor Spotlight: Monster


April 12, 2010

This past Thursday on the HR Happy Hour radio show, Steve Boese shared the exciting news that Monster is the premier sponsor of the HRevolution tweetup.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am, not just because of what Monster represents as a company, but because of the way that Monster supports the HR and recruiting community.  As sponsors of the first HRevolution, we learned firsthand that Monster is far more than just a job board.

I’d like to share some information that all HR and recruiting pros should check out.  The Monster Resource Center.

Here are some highlights:

  • Recruiting and Hiring Advice–  They provide articles on how to be a better interviewer, how to recruit using social media, and how to make your company stand out to potential candidates.
  • Workforce Management– Need to find information on diversity, employee relations, management skills, global management, or employee benefits?  This is your source of great information.
  • Market Intelligence–  Here’s where you can research labor stats, occupational reports, market reports, and more.
  • Monster Training– YES, you read that right.  Monster offers webinars to help you do your job better.  Check out the training schedule to learn more.
  • HR Events– Intelligence  webinars to help you.
  • Economic Stimulus–  News and information on the economic stimulus including state specific information.

In addition to that, this is COOL news because that means you all get to hang out with Eric Winegardner (@ewmonster) and Matt Charney (@Monster_Works).  Anyone who knows Eric already understands that he will BRING the fun with him.  And, I am excited to finally get to meet Matt in person.

So, a HUGE thanks to the team at Monster.  We love you and will see you on May 7th.  If you haven’t purchased your HRevolution ticket, do it today.  There are only a few left and it will be sold out until next year!


  • It was fun to make the announcement on the show, from now on I demand all important news in the HR space be released on the HR Happy Hour! Thanks so much to Monster and I am really looking forward to the event.

  • Thanks to Monster for being a partner, sponsor and supporter of HRevolution! Does this mean we get to have monster-tinis at the tweetup?

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