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May 2, 2010

HRevolution, the un-conference that will bring HR, recruiting, and other business professionals together in Chicago later this week is inspiring some great things.  The messages I’m seeing and the spark that has been ignited is showing up in many forms.  Most recently in the form of videos.  I’d like to share a couple that two of the HRevolution session facilitators created for the event.  While they are both very different, the common theme is that they are excited to come be part of something that is nebulous.  We may not know at this point what the take away from HRevolution will be, but it’s going to be quite an exciting ride getting there!

The first video is from Benjamin McCall at

The next video is one that my friend Bill Boorman created.  I love it because I’ve never had a Trish avatar before.  I think he did a great job mixing humor with some great information about HRevolution.

I also want to thank the HRevolution sponsors for making this year’s event possible. If it weren’t for the innovation in these companies, HRevolution may not exist.  Be sure to check out their sites for some outstanding HR and business solutions:

Unbridled Talent, LLC

Want in?


    • @Benjamin- Thanks and I LOVE your video. I must have watched it ten times already. Thanks for making it.

  • Love the videos. I hope they are representative of the type of interactions that will be going on at HRevolution2010.

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