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June 4, 2010


I don’t think there’s any other words to describe how I feel this morning.  For some reason, it’s been a long week even though many of us had a day off last Monday for Memorial Day.  Although, maybe having a day off was the reason the rest of the days felt so hectic.  I dunno.  At any rate, after several extra long work days, two kiddos just getting over a virus, and me not feeling exactly 100%, I’m running on fumes.  There is a silver lining though.  I had a couple great things happen that I want to share:

  • We launched the Women of HR site last night. What’s the Women of HR?  It is a collaborative blogging site that hopefully will morph into an online community where people (men too!) contribute ideas about the way gender affects business and other issues for women. The site is open to anyone who wants to contribute a post.  If you’re interested in being a guest writer/ contributor, email us at  What can you expect to see?
    • Contributions from writers who work for large organizations, small businesses, publicly and privately held entities, government agencies, non-profits, contractors, professors, and people who are not working right now.  They are single, married, GLBT, parents, cat lovers, dog lovers, you name it.  In other words, this site will be all about INCLUSION of ideas so you’ll be sure to find some writer you personally can identify with.  If not, you should jump into the fray and write with us.
    • Initially, we’ll be posting on Monday- Wednesday- Friday.  We’ll see how interest goes, but we anticipate to increase posting as our contributors begin submitting.
    • A Women of HR calendar.  Well, probably not, but maybe the reasoning behind that is a whole separate post.
    • FUN!  You will notice that some of the contributors are already blogging elsewhere (like me) and some are not.  Why would a blogger start posting on Women of HR?  Well, the tone there will also be about fun and especially if they already write for a “work” blog, this will be another outlet for some posts that may not fit with the tone on their other site.  If you don’t have time to commit to you own site, this is a great venue to use to dip your toes into the water.
  • I was a guest on the HR Happy Hour show last night talking about the Women of HR launch. Be sure to listen to it today or download from iTunes.  It was a lively show and we started to get into some ideas and perceptions about women and how upbringing can affect the pressure we put on ourselves whether that be as a worker or parent or whatever situation we are in.
  • I had the opportunity to launch a new initiative at work I’m leading around employee engagement.  This is a grassroots movement in the organization and some of the  idea behind doing it came from your ideas on a post I wrote a couple months ago. More to come on that in a future post.
  • Last but not least, my son had an awesome baseball game on Tuesday night and I’ve also played a ton with Barbies this week with my daughter.

So, there it is.  Pretty full week.  Between family, work, and my personal writing passion, I’m beat.  I’m going to enjoy this weekend.  How about you?  Have anything good going on?


  • I love the use of the word inclusion. I’ve been a huge fan of the word, and the good execution of inclusive strategies on teams. I’m looking forward to reading and learning from the site.

    Personally, we had a great BBQ last Sunday, got to smoke a few more cigars. Karen is feeling way better and we’re now starting to discuss baby names.

    Katherine and I are going to have a date on Sunday. We’re planning on seeing Marmaduke.


  • Great show last night and the web site looks great. I am really looking forward to the forthcoming material, especially with the list of contributors Women of HR has.

  • Hopefully doing some BBQ, hanging at the pool, and some reading. Low key for sure. Have a great weekend!

  • @John- Thanks John. We’re hoping that WomenOfHR fills a need in the community. I am also very interested to hear men’s point of view on how women feel about things.

    @Steve- So, how was the BBQ?

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