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August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

I had a HR-related post all ready to go for today but woke up and feeling happy and a little silly.  Instead of running something traditional, I thought I’d go for something more fun.  Some of the posts I like to read on other blogs are the ones that tell me about the writer on a personal level.  With that in mind, here are a few “fun facts” that I wouldn’t normally share, but hey, we’re all friends, right?

  • I am addicted to instant iced tea.
  • I am afraid of raccoons and tiny frogs.
  • My favorite flower is the alstroemeria.  I hate red roses.
  • I think all women should be able to change tires, spark plugs, headlights, etc.  I can do mine, and have.  Last time I changed my tire was several years ago when I had my jeep.  And yes, I was in a skirt and heels on the way to work.
  • I love Dane Cook and Billy Bob Thornton in a really bad way- can’t explain it
  • I am not afraid to admit that I like Prince and Rick Springfield.
  • I once met Colin Powell and he was the coolest man ever.
  • I used work with one of President Regan’s press secretaries.  He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known.
  • If I ever turn on the tv and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is on, I MUST watch it right then at whatever part of the movie it is.
  • I hate drama.
  • I am honest.
  • I don’t like to cry.
  • I don’t like to boo hoo about problems or difficulties- I am definitely a “mind over matter” kind of girl and I just let it all make me stronger and stronger.
  • I am a horrible singer but I am the entertainer of my family.
  • I am a good cook.  I love to make up recipes and I DON’T measure.
  • I like risk.
  • I like to be independent, but what I really like is to be taken care of once in awhile.
  • I am silly.
  • I am kinda smart.
  • I took piano lessons for 9 years most of which were from a nun.
  • I have 3 dogs and a fish I love.
  • I like kick boxing and Zumba.
  • I like to drink Mic Ultra from a bottle- NO glass for me.

So, why don’t you tell me about you in the comments?  What are some of the fun facts I don’t know?


  • Thanks so much for sharing Trish! You are very special too…!

    Think we should all show some of our hidden selves on do a blog from time to time!

  • Hi Trish- I loved your post, So here is my Tell Me About You Reply:
    *My name was inspired by a famous Racehorse(long story)
    *I love Coffee in the morning, Sleepytime Tea at night
    *Married 17 years
    *Favorite Flower-Roses
    *Is a Classic, Preppy girl
    *Favorite Color Green
    *I love my Ipod played on Shuffle.
    * I am a great Cook
    *Favorite Birthday Cake-Chocolate with Homemade Mocha Buttercream frosting
    *YES< I have Flown a plane before
    *I have met Gov Tom Ridge,Cindy McCain
    *I am a published author, jewelry designer, Fierce Fundraiser.
    Thanks for the inspiration..

  • GREAT list – I love the silliness! Wonderful idea for a Friday blog post. So much so, that I think I *WILL* share!

    14 Little Known Facts about Sonia

    1. I LOVE feedback (and it’s incredible power)… and have come to be known as Your Feedback Enthusiast!
    2. I motivate people to: Focus on the positive, Excel, Improve, Communicate, Celebrate success, Feedback, Empower others
    Lead, Learn!
    3. I am passionate about being consistent, ethical, successful, and professional and have earned a reputation for quality.
    4. I love camping, being silly, and working hard.
    5. My degree has given me the skills to learn any field of expertise quickly and to convey and integrate the information in its simplest form.
    6. I love to perfect and foster authentic daily conversations in the work environment, to connect with people in a unique way! 7. Clear, honest, direct communication is my guide stick; it directs all aspects of my work (and life).
    8. I have 2 beautiful boys, Noah and Samuel, who provide me with wonderful opportunities to practice what I preach!
    9. I believe that:
    Focusing on a *solution* is the only way to address a challenge. Not having all the answers usually leads to complete and solid solutions. Processes, products, and employees regarded as “works in progress” can grow, improve, and excel.
    10. I work with excellent, talented professionals and teams.
    11. I travel around the world to provide coaching and training to global leaders and their teams.
    12. My daily experiences, focusing on the positive, and helping others achieve total recognition and respect are the foundations for my passion.
    13. I have an incredible and loving husband who stands by me, is a fantastic cook, AND a massage therapist (am I lucky or what?)!
    14. I expose exceptional performance at work, home, during my travels, and even while I shop! My passion is to help others do the same – to recognize and expose good work and gently encourage improvements through authentic feedback!

    Who’s next!

  • If you insist-

    Fifteen known and unknown facts about Doug:

    1) I used to speak with Lance Armstrong’s former aerodynamicist, John Cobb on a regular basis
    2) I know Lance Armstrong’s agent’s step mother (do her hair)
    3) I used to write a blog to get free bicycle stuff
    4) I once seriously considered becoming a Lutheran Minister
    5) I am in a new band called Human Buffet. This is just six months after swearing off ever being in a band again!
    6) I iron my wife’s clothes every morning, yet I am always “fashionably creased”
    7) I learned to cook ‘cos I am a picky eater and hated my mother’s cooking
    8) I have seen (and touched) guitars that were played on some of the most iconic records and concerts of the ’60s and ’70s
    9) I detest cheese unless it is on pizza, and I only like mozzerella on pizza (no Imo’s for me)
    10) I was at one of the last KISS concerts with the reunited original members.
    11) I was ten feet away at said concert dressed up just like my idol, Gene Simmons
    12) Love fast motorcycles, but HATE roller coasters
    13) I can fabricate items from carbon fibre, being 100% self-taught
    14) I have caught my old Ducati on fire in the driveway whilst doing electrical work
    15) I have a blog that I shamelessy plug everywhere:

  • My grandmother was an opera singer.
    (I sing like a muppet.)
    My great-grandfather helped dig up the dead sea scrolls.
    I can rope a cow from the back of a running horse.
    Mikhael Gorbachev once waved at me.
    I make a wicked chicken curry.
    I can’t watch scary or sad movies.
    I love math. And science fiction.
    I like kickboxing too.

  • Silliness is awesome, especially on a Friday! Thank you for sharing a few fun things about you. Here are a few about me:

    1 – Love water a lot – including lakes, oceans, pools, small wading pools and even bathtubs.
    2 – My dream job is to be a gas dock girl at the lake
    3 – Love to sing, but am a horrible singer.
    4 – It is very difficult for me to sit still, yet I will to play video games.
    5 – I am a sucker for a good sports movie (Rudy, Hoosiers, Talladega Nights – ha.)
    6 – My 100lb lab loves sitting in my lap, and I let him
    7 – I grew up wanting to be a graphic designer
    8 – I only like happy/movies. Will not watch a sad movie.
    9 – I too enjoy a Mich. Ultra out of the bottle (especially with you!)
    10 – if you ran into me at the lake of the ozarks, you would probably not recognize me (incognito!)

    Have a great day!

  • 1. Mom to a 20 yr old son. I’m going to be 49 on Monday. Yikes!
    2. I knit, spin, and do all sorts of fibre craft.
    3. Closet geek at heart…I play a MMORPG game called World of Warcraft and I’m pretty good at it. 🙂
    4. Can’t swim a stroke but love paddling outriggers.
    5. Secretly listens to ABBA when no one’s home and whenever Muriel’s Wedding comes on TV, I must watch.

  • I’m not one to share a lot of facts about me, but after reading your blog I figured I had a few unknown “fun facts” to share with the world. Thanks for sharing your fun facts, Trish. They were definitely “fun” to read. 🙂

    1) I love to ride rollercoasters. (I once rode every rollercoaster at Magic Mountain. Well, at least the ones that were operating.)
    2) I love to listen to the Beatles and Michael Jackson.
    3) Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a veterinarian. (Figured that wasn’t going to work out when I begged our family vet to let me watch our cat get spayed…….and I flat out fainted and fell to the floor with the sight of the first incision. Oh, and did I forget to mention, there was no blood.)
    4) I faint at the sight of blood, or the lack there of.
    5) I love the water….the swimming pool kind, not the ocean kind. (I can’t see what’s in the ocean.)
    6) I love learning. I could stay in school forever.
    7) I have a wicked sense of humor. And so does my husband. So cool! He really gets me.
    8) My mom signed me up for dance classes when I was 8 years old because she thought it would help me be a bit more graceful. (Didn’t work. Too many broken bones and stitches to count.)
    9) I love fast cars.
    10) I absolutely love my husband, and every day I count my blessings he’s still here, with me.

    Have a fantastic Friday!!

  • Here’s a few that I haven’t shared with the masses:
    1- I was once part of a Ukrainian Dance Troupe
    2- I’m related to a President.
    3- I hate having wet shoes and socks. Can’t deal with it.
    4- I still can’t tie certain knots that I “learned” in Boy Scouts
    5- Whenever I get on an airplane, I always knock on the fuselage with my right hand 3 times before I enter the plane.
    6- I get misty eyed at those touching Olympic documentaries that have the voice of god-like announcer.
    7- I always look forward to the new year b/c I’m excited about all the new music that will be coming out (whether I listen to it or not)

    See, pretty boring.

  • If you know my Twitter account, I probably explain myself, but here are a few things that no one knows (and keep it a secret ;)):

    1. I’m going to be a first time uncle next week.
    2. I’ll admit: I like one song from Creed and the hard rock stuff from Nickelback (not the slow crap from them). Sue me.
    3. I got retweeted by Andy Roddick, but didn’t get retweetd by Brooklyn Decker, which makes me still sad to this day.
    4. I still enjoy getting mention from the Tony Kornheiser Show.
    5. I really want to try a ghost chili., especially the 4 Horsemen in San Antonio.
    6. I love wearing red.
    7. I love listening to Peter Cetera (ok, I lied on that one)
    8. I made a brief appearance on C-SPAN

  • While not exactly earth-shattering, these are things that don’t generally come up in conversation:

    * my Dad and I raised rabbits when I was a kid and I showed them at fairs (blue ribbon winners too!) – at one point we had probably 60 rabbits
    * I was in swing choir and jazz choir in college
    * One of my favorite foods is a raw beef sandwich; on rye with salt, pepper and onion
    * I’m a sucker for any classic MGM musical
    * I broke my wrist ice-skating when I was 5; never to get on the ice again
    * I was a super geeked Brewer fan from grade school through HS (the glory days of Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Cecil Cooper, et al); I still have the score books from when I scored the games
    * One time Billie Joe Armstrong spit on me at a concert (OK – that was my daughter’s friend – but I had to put that in there for your Trish..)

  • Hi Trish –
    Thanks for asking and I hope you dont mind me crashing the party.

    * I am a retired skateboarder but I can still bust 360 kick flips
    * I Love India Pale Ales
    * My favorite album of all time is “Closing Time” by Tom Waits
    * I love Wes Anderson Films
    * Every time I comment on a post it is misinterrpreted #fact
    * I think you and Laurie R are super hotties (dont worry)

    Thanks again!


    • @Dave- Hi there. You are definitely not crashing the party! I am totally impressed with your list and I have to admit that there are a couple things on there I’m not familiar with. I’ve never seen a Wes Anderson film (that I know of), so I’ll have to try that out. Which one do you recommend the most? Luv your misinterpreted post comment. And really love the hottie comment! 🙂

  • Ok. A few from me:

    1. I was named “Tot King” in a child pageant when I was 5.
    2. I have been to Macchu Pichu and the Taj Mahal, but I have never been to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.
    3. My career in HR got started because I joined a union and was elected to a union position.
    4. I hate cooked spinach!

    • @Mike- How fun! Not only a silver medal winner but a TOT King? Impressive! Seriously, the one I find most interesting is that you’ve been to Macchu Pichu and Taj Mahal but not Yosemite or Grand Canyon. You’ve got me beat though because I have been to any of those places.

  • Oh this sounds like fun! I could copy and paste some of yours Trish but here are a few my own.

    1. I’m addicted to diet coke, I drink it like water.
    2. The bookstore is a second home to me, I’ll read almost anything.
    3. I love cars. A twin turbo car that grips the road in curve and rumbles when you hit the gas, I heart that.
    4. I’m independent to a fault. I hate asking for help when I know I can do something by myself.
    5. I could eat ice cream with every meal, even breakfast.
    6. I cannot handle self pity.
    7. I love to cook
    8. Gadgets, I love ’em.
    9. My favorite part of my job is troubleshooting, from system issues to employee relations
    10. I took voice lessons in high school.
    11. My favorite thing to watch on tv is anything by Joss Whedon; anything, anytime, I’ll watch it.

    • @April- I had no idea we were so much alike. Shauna hadn’t shared that with me. It’s funny because most of your list could be mine too…except the voice lessons part. I probably should have invested in some of those.

  • Let’s see,

    1. I am a history geek, esp. the American Civil War, esp. Gettysburg
    2. I “kinda” like the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.
    3. Like April, I love bookstores, esp. ones that are history bookstores, esp. ones in Gettysburg.
    4. Like Trish, I am kinda smart, but a lot of times you would never know it.
    5. I share a cooking passion with Steve Boese.
    6. I would rather vacation at a CW battlefield or northern Wisconsin than a beach or resort (unless it is a fishing resort in no. Wisconsin).

    7. I “dislike” the Minnesota Vikings more than the Green Bay Packers, strange for a Bears’ fan.
    8. I love camp and bonfires.
    9. I took 2 guitar lessons and 3 organ lessons but love music.
    10. If I ran into Chris Frede at the lake, I would recognize her. After all I recognized her in a bar in Chicago just from her picture on Twitter.

    • @John- Gettysburg? Who knew! ha ha I had no idea about the guitar and organ lessons.

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