Can You Ever Go Back? Yes, “Even Further”


October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Today is a day of pumpkin carving, bonfires, amassing candy, giggles, costumes, goblins, and tricks-&-treats.  Oh, and football if you live in a household like mine.  I’ve spent the entire weekend having fun all related to this holiday.  Which got me thinking….

People often say, “You can never go back.”

You can’t relive the past because it will never be as good as you remember.  Well, when Halloween rolls around where I live, we do our best to bring back some of the fun memories.  My good friend Dave has a bus he calls “Even Further”.

Even Further

We break out the bus twice a year…once for the St. Louis Mardi Gras parade and the second time is Halloween.  All the adults dress up and many try to dress up around a theme.

Karen Schlemmer & Trish (sisters)

This year the theme was an 80’s wedding party.  All the ladies wore their worst bridesmaid or prom dress and the guys showed up in 80’s tuxes, plaid suits, and ruffle shirts.  We even had a priest.  I tried on every ugly bridesmaid dress I had.  No luck in fitting into any of them, although the act of trying them on sure was fun.  So, I rummaged through all my old prom dresses at my mom’s house and managed to find one that still fit.  Score!  Then, I went to the wig store and found an 80’s style wig that closely resembled my hair from 1988- 1994.  Double score!!

You’ll have to be the judge of whether or not I managed to recapture any of the old look from my 1988 Junior Prom.  I definitely recaptured as much of the fun.

Oakville High School Jr. Prom 1988


  • Trish – Beautiful then and beautiful now … love this! You did an awesome job.

    • @Kelly- I thought of you all night. SO many people said I look like I was from Romy & Michelle. 🙂 Miss ya sister!!

  • Being a (former) Dead Head, I appreciate the “Further” reference!

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