Scene Makers in 2010: Tell Me Yours


December 17, 2010

I was listening to the radio the other day and the hosts were talking about the new movie Black Swan. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so no chance of me spoiling it for you.   The hosts were saying that there is a scene so powerful it makes the whole movie worthwhile.  This led them to talking about other movies in 2010 where an actor or actress really made a movie better by what they did in the scene.

I started thinking of that from a business perspective.  In my own organization, my number one scene maker is my colleague Cathie Meyers.  Since I started this job in February of this year, it’s been Cathie who supports and guides me.  She’s also the one who has a sarcastic “jab” every time one is needed.  She makes me laugh and makes every scene she’s involved in better.

From an online perspective, I was hoping you’d help me recognize the people who have made a difference and MADE our scene. I’ll list a few to get us started:

  • Steve Browne- For bridging the online HR world with practitioners through his HR Net.  If you’ve not seen it or want to be part of it, reach out to Steve today.
  • Victorio Milian and Ben Eubanks Always leaders in thinking of new ways to collaborate and bring people together, they created Project Social. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.
  • Laurie Ruettimann and Mark Stelzner This year they created the 1st ever online Career Summit.  To have the vision and creativity to bring some outstanding voices together from the recruiting arena for the benefit of job seekers, these two deserve an award.  They made the scene for sure!

So, there are a couple of mine.  Think back through the year…..who made the scene better for you?  Let’s recognize as many people as possible in the comments!


  • Great idea Trish!

    I would have to say that there has been a new entrant to the UK HR blogging scene that has really turned it on its head and brought blogging to a new bunch of people! The funny thing is that I can’t tell you who it is because nobody knows!!

    He is an HRD that started writing an anonymous blog so that he could speak freely about his profession with no job recriminations. What has happened is that he has shown people that blogs are can be great and can foster communities around them.
    His blog doesn’t come without a warning though – be prepared for gratuitus language and strong opinion!!

    I am of course referring to The HRD and his blog <<<< read it if you dare!!

    Have a great Christmas all.


  • Thanks for the kind words, Trish!

    All Ben and I are trying to do is get people to act. Talk is cheap, especially online, so it’s good to work with those who want to make a difference. That’s how you separate the complainers from the problem-solvers. It’s my hope that in 2011 we’ll see more of the latter.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks so much Trish. I just saw this and feel that there are many others who deserve Scene Makers awards before Laurie and I – take Josh Letourneau for example; his work with metrics, SNA and influence are really starting to turn some heads and I think he’s someone to watch closely. Happy holidays and thank you again. 🙂

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