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December 22, 2010

I have all these fun ideas for posts lately and of course they come at a time of year when I have the least amount of time to write.  And, many of those ideas will take some research and time to develop more fully.  So as I sit here this morning and write, I think instead of doing this, I am going to use any of my free time over the next couple days to send personal little notes to people I love.  Family, friends, people I admire.

Is it sappy?  Yep.  But I think that since I can’t just take the day off to spend time calling each person, some short little notes to tell people that I’m thinking of them and wishing them a Merry Christmas will be nice.  So, stop reading this and spend a moment sending a little email, FaceBook message, or tweet to someone you miss and care about.  I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday


  • Trish,

    Thank you, thank-you for this “sappy”, not so “sappy” advice. I needed to be brought back from the other edge of the earth. On to write more connecting.

  • Great idea and I have been in the process of doing this for the past week. It is good to share the love. Great post!

    Happy holidays and thank you for your contributions throughout the year.

    • @Charlane- Thank you for commenting here. It made my day! I had fun reaching out to many friends that deserved to know how special they are. It was definitely a good use of my time and something I need to remember to do more often.

  • Great idea, Trish. Though I write about this from the workplace perspective all the time, it’s no less important in our personal lives as well. Who is more deserving our thanks and appreciation than our family and friends? I mean, they’re the ones that *choose* to be around us (whereas our coworkers don’t really have much choice).

    • @Derek- Great point about the people that choose to be around us. I have to admit, I wrote about 20 short notes that morning and heard back from most. It was fun to reconnect with some people who are very important to me. Happy New Year!

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