HRevolution: That’s a Wrap!


May 2, 2011

HRevolution is wrapped.  Ceased, closed, concluded, done with, ended, sewn up, in the can, Elvis has left the building.

And, it was better than I could have dreamed!

The good news is that although the event itself is over, that means we’ll be treated to several weeks of participants sharing their thoughts about what went well, what didn’t work so well, and general ideas that begin bubbling about the discussions.  There will be thousands of pictures shared as attendees and planners begin to sift through our smartphones and cameras.

That said, two sites to watch for more information over the coming weeks is the HRevolution site ( and the Monster Thinking Blog (  Thanks to, one of our generous sponsors, they will be sharing content and video.

Watch for photos to be shared on the HRevolution Facebook page, the Monster Flickr page, Dave Ryan’s Picasa, and on the HRevolution site.  We’ll also have some amazing pictures and video from the amazingly talented Maren Hogan.

For now, this planner is going to enjoy catching up on the #HRevolution tag on Twitter.  Thanks to my fellow planners, our sponsors, EACH and EVERY attendee, and all of our outstanding presenters who gave their time and shared their knowledge.

You all amaze me!!!







  • Heckuva show, no doubt, but I dispute the idea that it is over. Much like pulling a roast from the over, there is a carryover effect, and the true deliciousness can only be appreciated after letting it rest for a bit and see what really happened.

    We may not be in Atlanta any longer, but the HRevolution carries on.

  • So great for me to work with you, Crystal, and Ben on this event. Many, many thanks for all you do!

    It was the best HRevolution yet, I am sure of it.

  • Trish it was great to see you and hang with you again. You know the tought thing about doing a really great job is you keep raising the bar.

    Thank your family for letting you HR peeps have you for the weekend.

    • @Dave- Thanks for attending and for all YOUR support. And, how kind of you to thank my family. I really appreciate that.

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