The Apollo Leadership Experience


May 20, 2011

I want to talk about your role in developing yourself.   Not just developing yourself as a business leader, but fostering skills that can help you throughout your daily life.

As a working professional, I know that both time and dollars are limited.  That’s why it’s so important to find local courses, conferences, and other learning opportunities that are a good use of both your time and your money.  One I personally believe in and participate in are the Conference Board’s Leadership Experiences.

The Leadership Experiences are not conferences.  They are an opportunity to immerse yourself in a historical situation and live and breathe the event as it happened.  It’s your chance to understand WHY decisions were made at the time and how the leaders reached those decisions.  After participating in the Leadership Experience at Gettysburg last summer, I came home and described it as life-changing.

The lessons I learned were easily transferrable to my interactions with executives, with colleagues, and will employees.  It made me look at the way that my own leaders make decisions and have a better understanding of how they do that based on limited information at times.  Most importantly, I saw first hand what happens when a decision is made and factors change. How leaders handle change is critical to how often they succeed.

The newest opportunity for an experience like this is the Apollo Leadership Experience.  Here is the description:

Apply the business lessons of the race to the moon to your own professional goals. This new program draws on the leadership lessons of the manned space flight effort over the 10-year period of The Apollo Program. Participants delve into leadership practices, confronting the challenges of innovation and maintaining global advantage, team leadership, and crisis and risk management. The program takes place on site at the Space Center Houston and the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and will also explore managing complex organizations and creating excellence in execution.

The opportunity takes place in Houston, TX and is available June 13- 15 and again October 26- 28.  Click here for more information and to register.

For further information and registration, please contact Jeff Jackson  212-339-0380;

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