We Are The Waltons


September 6, 2011

I spent most of my Labor Day with windows thrown wide open, sun and breeze streaming in on all the nooks and crannies that have been cooped up in the hot St. Louis summer.  We spent most of the weekend enjoying playtime at Entre Underground with Dwane Lay, RJ Morris and friends as well as with family at St. Louis’ largest ethnic festival, the Greek Festival at St. Nicholas.  Clearly all I did was eat phenomenal food so, when Monday rolled around, I was ready for painting my laundry room and tidying up in the back yard.

After working most of the day, I grabbed a tall glass of iced tea and sank into the couch for a little television.  Flipping through, I came across The Waltons.  Sure, people may poke fun at shows that are a little sappy and that always have a moral, or two, but I still like them.  The nice thing about a seventies iconic show like The Waltons is that even though it was made more than thirty years ago and supposedly took place during the Depression years, it still has lessons that apply today.

The wealth of characters in the show who have debt problems, moral dilemnas, trouble finding or keeping a job, weddings, funerals and everything in between are really like all of us.   It’s nice to have a reminder every now and again that we’re all not that special.  We may have technology and larger mortgage payments but our problems are all rooted in pure human nature and most situations can be resolved with good communication.

That’s my take away from today….to start the week with communication in mind.  How about you?  Any good thoughts for the start of a short week?


  • If this catches on we’ll all be out of work Trish…hopefully no one is paying attention and won’t focus on basic, respectful, communication.

    Good post.

    • @Jay- Thanks Jay. No worries…employees are not about to start communicating with each other and leaders enough to eliminate the need for HR. 🙂

  • great message for early morning – I find myself taking an extra minute – a bit of extra care in moments with people – the crazier the world seems, the simpler it is to connect, be kind, be firm, be engaged – the take away from sappy shows like the Waltons for me is that people were sincerely engaged with one another. The technology and gadgets of our day allow lots of touch points, but not much real connection or engagement. Thanks for the message, a good take away!

    • @Mike- It’s definitely easier to be more engaged with people when the only technology/ distraction was the radio. 🙂

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