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November 11, 2011

I want to do an experiment today and it will only take a moment of your time.  I would like to collect comments on what is the one piece of advice you would share with a global CHRO who is evaluating the benefits of using social tools.

So, please share your one tip or piece of advice in the comments, then tweet or share this with other professionals who use social media.  This is crowdsourcing at it’s best!


  • I’d recommend that they connect with peers who are currently using the tools. There are some global companies that are doing a nice job with their social media presence and activity – and they’re seeing results. They can give some great advice on how to sell it internally (since they have had to do that) and also what needs to be considered before starting, as well as once up and running. They’ll also have measurement recommendations, etc.

    My experience as an HR executive in the past was that I didn’t often look outside the 4 walls of my organization to see what others were doing, so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Once I left corporate HR and began to use social media to network and share/receive information, I’ve talked with many HR & Recruiting leaders in the space (who are more than willing to connect) and they have shared their successes, failures and challenges.

    So utilize existing relationships in your community and reach out to peers in your industry and beyond. More thank likely, they’ll be happy to share with you!

    • @Jen- Thanks for sharing some practical ways people can do this. Like you, I’ve found people are almost always willing to eagerly share.

  • Social Media now gives you a more personal way to get in touch and connect with people all over the world. I work for Oneupweb which is a Digital Marketing Agency. We have multiple Social Media tools we utilize for marketing client work as well as using SM for HR. We recently started up a Twitter account specifically for HR and so far it’s been a great way to connect with different portals. @OneupwebJobster

  • Innovation is a key issue for all CEOs in businesses today.

    ALL innovation comes from connecting diverse thoughts – never from a homogeneous group – fact.

    Social media enables diversity of thought…

    ergo – innovation is enabled by social media.

    CEOs love innovation – CEOs will love CHROs who increase innovation…

  • Don’t be afraid.

    Yes, it’s different than what you probably grew up with. Yes, it’s a different way of reaching out to the world. Yes, you are going to have to give up some control to allow those in your organization to get value from it. And yes, there is risk. Nothing worth having comes without it.

    But there is value to be had, it terms of employee engagement, brand enhancement and visibility in your customer and talent community. But it takes courage on your part to throw your weight behind these mostly free tools, and perseverance to live through the growing pains to get to the good stuff.

    Don’t be afraid.

  • How timely your question is. Quoting 2011 Techonomy happening as we speak, “technology and innovation” are essential tools. That is the message ti deliver to the C-level. The “social” part is already in existence. The “tools” are the items that need to be reviewed. Review them in the same light as you go about with “competitor scanning” i.e. what are your competitors, now and upcoming, doing. Invest in one area, start “small” if needed, e.g. Recognition. Move it to a SaaS platform, measure usage and feedback. If your company is global or going global, you cannot ignore social tools.

  • My advice is simply get started. If your focus is on the CHRO group, then you’ll find preceious few voices out there who are active in social media. Be bold, get started, and take advantage of the opportunity to be a true global leader in both HR and social media.

  • There is no more efficient, open, collaborative way for a CHRO to share and learn information with their global team(s) than through the use of social tools.

  • My advice is to ask yourself “Why am I resistent to social media?” And then rather than finding reasons to dislike it, find the reasons to like it.

  • My advice would be to learn from your employees as well as peers. Sit down and have some conversations with employees about how they are communicating, learning, and engaging using social media. It might just surprise them.


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