Do You Know Your Purpose?


June 13, 2012

Something strange happened today.

I woke up this morning like I had been struck by a bolt of lightning.  I can tell you that I rarely remember my dreams.  I feel like I must dream, because I hear that we all do, but I’m not someone who can capture those thoughts in my waking hours.  Today was different.

I had the most vivid dream where I was in a room of snakes.  I was panicked trying to figure out how to get rid of them when a former boss, one whom I liked and respected, appeared.  He gave me a package.  When I asked what it was, he replied, “It’s your purpose.”

What?  My purpose?

Maybe the dream does not mean anything, maybe someone who analyzes dreams will tell me it does have meaning.  Either way, it jolted me to think about my purpose.  What is my purpose?  Do I know, really know?

What do you think?  Do you know your purpose?  If so, how did you know?  Please share with me.


  • I love this post. Your subconscious is definitely trying to get your attention. The question of purpose is maybe the most important one we struggle with. Good luck with it. I’ve been working on this question for a long time. What makes it so tricky is that it evolves as we evolve. My version of the answer to this question is my personal manifesto–essentially my declaration of my intentions and aspirations to the world. In short, I think my purpose is to make the world around me better in significant ways and to be the best person I am capable of being.

  • I think Jason has said it far more eloquently than I could. Bringing your best self to the people you interact with is a high purpose in and of itself. We benefit greatly from our interactions with one another, and “giving back” is not optional. Even when we are not at our best, we are an example to others, so when we all bring our best, we collectively learn more and hopefully bring greater potential to the spaces we share.
    Since we don’t know when or where our journey ends, making today better is as important a purpose as the elimination of a serious disease.

  • I am all for self- discovery but go take a nap and open the darn box. It is interesting though that you were in a room of snakes and not a box of cupcakes. What have you said yes to when you really wanted to say no? I love this post Trish.

  • Thanks Trish; thought provoking question.
    My first reaction is what does the bible say?
    1. Glorify God and enjoy Him forever,
    2. Be the very best person that I can be,
    3. Feed the poor, house the homeless, take care of widows and orphans.
    Would not be disappointed if that was on my tombstone.

  • Everything changes radically from the moment you know yourself as being sent into this world.
    -Henri Nouwen


    A friend granted me her permission to post her words on purpose on my personal blog. So this is another way to ask and challenge yourself on the question of “what is my purpose?”

    My purpose is to use my strengths & talents for a cause. So now my quest is to identify that cause. And I have an idea of that direction.

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