I Wish I Knew You When…


August 8, 2013

0801280953251img_0124c10x8I wish I knew you when you were young and carefree.

With long legs and arms flailing.  I wish I could have seen you running- really running.  Not with purpose in mind, but with absolute joy and no purpose at all except maybe to catch up with your 8 year old best friend.

I wish I knew you when you were first scared.

Scared and huddled beneath your blankets, afraid of the boogey man under your bed.  Or did you have a bad dream?  Either way, I want to know what you were like when you were not as self-assured and regal as you appear today.

I wish I knew you when you were sad.

Really sad.  When you first experienced loss.  How did you handle it?  Did you have someone there to hold and comfort you?

I wish I knew you when you were in your happiest moment in your life.  

With your eyes sparkling and smiling- you know how eyes can smile.  The eyes that are upturned and so creased because the happiness in your head is just spilling out all over the place.  Who or what made you feel that wonderful?  I wish I knew.

But, I didn’t.

I don’t think I was there for any of those times.

But I’m here now.  I’m here for you now.  When you’re carefree, when you’re scared, when you’re sad and hopefully when you experience true happiness.  I am so thankful to be part of your life.

*Author’s note- Sorry I diverged from business writing but I’m thinking a lot about my family and friends lately and was inspired to capture this to honor them…to honor YOU.  Thank you dear readers.



  • I wish you did too…but I couldn’t be more proud to have you as a friend now and experience being carefree, scared, sad and truly happy with you by my side. Here is to more of the carefree, truly happy and down right silly knowing it will always overpower any of the rest we come up against. XO

    • Sarah- I know we would have been friends no matter how young we met. You’re so important to me. Thanks for the sweet comment. xo

  • Just coming across this now. What a beautiful post! So glad to be able to call you a friend now.

    • Jenny- Me too. It is amazing to be able to find someone through social that I can truly call a friend. YOU are that person! xo

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