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Fired over FaceBook Posting? It Can Happen to You

The New York Times ran an interesting article this week about an employee who was fired because of something she ...
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What Ever Happened To Google Wave and Fast Flip?

I'm an early adopter.  Are you? There are some times when I do not want to be an early adopter. ...
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Pinterest and Employee Communication

So how is employee communication working for you?  Does your organization have it all figured out?  My guess is that ...
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My Pinterest: Top 5 Pins of the Week

I was an early adopter of Pinterest, which really means I opened an account. I have to admit,  I was ...
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50 Shades of Social

By now, we've all either heard of and/or read The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.  If you've been cooped up ...
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Feeling Lonely? How “Real” Are You On FaceBook?

We all have people in our lives who only share happy news.  You know the ones....your friends who use FaceBook ...
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How To Create A Killer Internal Communication Plan

I have never worked for or consulted for a company that could not use improved internal communication.  Whether over-communicating and ...
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Using Social Media: Strengthen Your Employer Brand with FourSquare

A few weeks ago I started a series called 10 Easy Ways to Build Social Media Into Your HR Practice.  Since ...
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