Carnival of HR- HRevolution Edition


November 18, 2009

Carnival of HRWelcome! Welcome! One and all.  It’s time for a special edition of the Carnival of HR!

What could be more thrilling than to put together a carnival around a topic near-and-dear to my heart?  HRevolution generated over thirty posts and they keep on coming.  Thanks to Shauna Moerke (@HR_Minion on Twitter) for being the woman who keeps this whole project going.  Now, go on and get to the carnival!

TICKETS! Step on up.

What do you do when you arrive at a carnival?  We’ll, it’s first things first.  Before HRevolution started, Lyn Hoyt of Fusion Frames gave us a story of why she was sponsoring and what she hoped to accomplish in ‘See You at HRevolution Friday‘. Once we wrapped, Joan Ginsburg called class to session at HR University with ‘HRevolution Beginnings’.

As you walk along the midway, there are so many sights to see.

Take in ‘Outside the Social Media Bubble‘ by our friend, the Red Recruiter, Michael Long.  He puts out a special challenge to HR to reach out beyond the group currently involved via social media.  Matt Stollak at True Faith HR gave us ‘The Perfect Kiss’ which talks about group polarization.

Let’s ride the Tilt-A-Whirl!

HRevolution was one wild ride for the participants and for those who watched from afar.  Some great summary pieces came out that ride.  They are ‘HR Unconference‘ by Ben Eubanks at Upstart HR, ‘HRevolution and the Wonder That is Social Media‘ by Lisa Rosendahl at Simply Lisa, ‘Celebrating HRevolution‘ by Bryon Abramowitz (the HR Technologist), and ‘And Now for Something Completely HRevolutionary‘ by John, the BKRecruiter.

It’s time for a stop at the Funhouse!

So what would a carnival be without some fun.  Head over to check out Shauna Moerke’s post at the HR Minion ‘HRevolution- Way too Much Fun‘.   She is someone who always delivers the fun side of the issues.

Have you seen Sideshow Bob yet?

Every good carnival has sideshows, and this one is no different.  Of course there was a HR Happy Hour live at HRevolution.  Be sure to check out the show and hear hosts Steve Boese and Shauna Moerke work their magic in person.  Then, check out the clips I shared on YouTube of HR Happy Hour.  You can even see Ben Eubanks walking on his hands during the HR Happy Hour show.  There were several other posts that took in the strangeness of the day.  They were: HR Margo talking about HRevolution and dancing, Debbie J. Brown and her post ‘Outliers and an Unconference‘, and Steve Harrison’s HR Gumbo with the ‘HR vs. IT Deathmatch‘ and Top 20 list for HRevolution.

Now for the serious part of the carnival- visiting the Fortune Teller.  Dare you look into her crystal ball?

Sit down for a thoughtful look at the event with Mark Stelzner’s ‘HR- Evolution or Revolution?‘.  My contribution at HR Ringleader  ‘Putting the Pieces Together‘, Lance Haun’s ‘You Say You Want a Revolution‘, Steve Boese’s ‘Notes from a Revolution‘ and Bonita Martin’s ‘We Are the Future of HR‘.

Feeling hungry?  Better run over to a food booth.

Serving up some bacon for you over at Fusion Frames.  Lyn Hoyt offers up ‘The History of Bacon and HR’.

What do you do when your ride shuts down?

Well, you check out some posts that explore destruction and not getting exactly what you want.  Lois Melbourne tells us ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, Jessica Miller-Merrell shares ‘HR’s Berlin Wall’, Michael Haberman challenges us with ‘Revolution- Breaking Down the Wall of Old HR’, and Wendy Tandon gives a vendor perspective as a guest blogger on Steve Boese’s blog.

Heading Home- What a fun carnival.

For some great final thoughts on HRevolution, give Paul Hebert’s post ‘HRevolution Brought to You by John Madden’ April Dowling’s ‘ post at Pseudo HR ‘Decompressing from HRevolution‘, Tammy at Junkyard HR’s ‘HRevolution in Real Life’, and Crystal Peterson’s post ‘It’s Over‘.

So that’s all for this session of HRevolution.  Hope you enjoyed the carnival.  It has sure been a fun experience.


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Carnival of HR
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