Stop Being So Cynical, Remember the Tooth Fairy


December 3, 2009

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  The Easter Bunny?  How about the Tooth Fairy?

I live in a house where we still believe in these mysterious figures.  In fact, we were just visited by the Tooth Fairy last night.  My little boy lost his second tooth and even though it was painful, all he could think about was how excited he was that the Tooth Fairy would come visit him in the night.  Of course, with Christmas right around the corner, all the buzz in my house revolves around Santa Claus.  We must plan what type of cookies to bake for Santa, should we give him white or chocolate milk, and “what do reindeer eat Mommy?” has been uttered more than once recently.

2008 Xmas #2We also have our “Elf on the Shelf” visiting.  This little creature arrives the morning after Thanksgiving.  The children name their elf (ours is Eubie) and then each night while the children sleep, Eubie moves to a different location.  In the morning, they have great fun running around trying to find where Eubie moved.  The story with the elf says that Eubie watches their behavior during the day, then flies back to Santa each night to report in.  That is why he moves each night.

So, when do we lose the wonder of childhood and become cynics?

I know the economy is not great.  Got it.  I know there are families dealing with layoffs.  I’ve been there myself, so I understand.  It is not easy.  Think our profession needs an overhaul?  Great, but don’t just give it lip service.  This negative focus coming from the media  is eating us alive.  It needs to stop.

I want us to collectively regain some of the wonderment of childhood.  How different would we be if when faced with an obstacle or problem, we immediately thought of the silver lining? Just based on the examples above, how different could our reactions look?

  • Economy in a downturn- Do what you can to really cut back.  So many of us could use a reality check so we can realize that we do not need all the “things and gadgets” we have.  What is the positive here?  Focus on spending time with family and friends instead of spending money.  Find ways to teach your children valuable lessons in saving and frugality.  It is holiday time and most of us are probably ready to go out and drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on gifts, most of which are not needed.  Why not rally your entire family to cut back spending on each other. Agree to adopt or help a needy family instead or agree to spend some of your holiday money on programs like Toys For Tots. Let’s focus on giving what IS valuable, our time, our attention, ourselves.
  • Layoffs– 2009 has been a record year of unemployment.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 10.2% unemployment rate is the highest it has been since 1983.  If you’re still employed, have you embraced the positive that you may have the skills or ability to help someone in this situation?  No?  Ok, here’s your start.  Check out JobAngels and find out how you can help.  Are you someone who has been laid off?  One great way to network and keep up your skills is by reaching out to other people in your situation to help each other.  If you have a HR background, offer to help review and revise the person’s resume.  Depending on the other person’s background, they may be able to share some names of contacts from their network so that you can increase visibility of your job search.
  • Profession needs an overhaul- GET INVOLVED. Fine to talk about it, but follow it up with action.  Join in with other people to bring about learning opportunities.  The best way to initiate change is with a positive attitude.

If you have any recommendations of how we can get involved, help others, and kick cynicism in the butt, add it in the comments.

*Special thanks to Paul Hebert for inspiring my post today.


  • what — the tooth fairy’s not real?!

    i like the outward focus. i think it was churchill who said (paraphrasing here!)…we make a life by what we give.


  • A great big AMEN to you. All so true, all needed to be said.

    The Tooth Fairy who visits our house is a bit befuddled…she doesn’t seem to know which country she’s in, so my kids are likely to find some quarters mixed with a coin from Egypt or Peru or a couple from Russia or Japan. They have a great time with a map, looking up where the Tooth Fairy must have been before she visited us!

    Heard about the Elf on Shelf on the radio this a.m….sounds awesome…just wish they had a Hanukkah version! LOL!

  • Very well written. Pete and I have donated toys for Toys for Tots now for, well I can’t even remember how long. It must have been at least 8 years because we were not even married at the time. Our family has gotten involved now and I am able to spend more on Toys for Tots than I would have ever imagined. Instead of buying gifts for relatives in far away places we use that money for Toys for Tots. I have bought all of our loot this year and am waiting for some of it to come in the mail. The Rip Sticks came in today. They look like fun! Lets face it, Christmas is for the kids. But don’t forget those Teens. My DH, Pete, told me that the Toys for Tots foundation needs makeup kits and hair products for girls. I had never thought about that before. I also bought some Knex for the boys that like to build things. I may forget the tooth fairy exists (at least until mine start falling out again), but I will never stop believing in Santa and Christmas.

    • @Fran- Oh no, did I let that cat out of the bag?? Sorry. ha ha

      @Lindsay- Oh, your tooth fairy sounds fun. I may have to have her visit my kids next time. I’m sure they would think it’s fun to have different types of coins. Thanks for the comment.

      @Jamie- So glad you commented. Toys for Tots is such a great charity. We’ve supported it for years as well. And, thanks for letting us know about the teens, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

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2008 Xmas #2
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